The "A-Ha!" Blog

11/03/2008 01:37 PM
“What if…” - the poster

Stacey Lucas, the incredibly talented artist behind, created a poster for us based on our blog post/article “What if…” and boy, we are just knocked out by her work. (Honestly, she took this to a level we ... Read More

11/02/2008 09:41 PM
Agent of Karma: Marirose Walker, Healing Wise Services

We just got the sweetest email from Marirose Walker, a Natural Health Consultant based in Warner, NH. Marirose tuned into our 3-part teleseminar series on “How to Recession-Proof Your Biz” last month, and was kind enough to share her ... Read More

The Bitter Cup
A serious blog about satire.

11/05/2008 09:01 AM
It's Stephen Colbert's world - we just live in it

Satirical persona Stephen Colbert is unabashedly self-aggrandizing, mimicking the art of punditry so well that he makes the real articles look pale in comparison. It was, therefore (in hindsight) almost inevitable that the self-anointed great man ... Read More

The Wild Quills Blog
Tickle your inner scribe or scribbler - write here, write now!

07/14/2008 01:33 PM
Look Out, Indiana Jones – Stunt Writing Week at the Gilford Library is Right Around the Corner

GILFORD, NH - Q: What would you get if you crossed the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones with the creative writing and storytelling skills of J.K. Rowling? A: The 2008 Wild Quills Writing Camp at the Gilford Public Library! Monday July 21st ... Read More


The "A-Ha!" Strategy Session

When it comes to taking powerful, focused action toward your marketing and business success, do thoughts like these scroll through your head?

  • "I need help."

  • "I don't know where to start."

  • "I don't have time."

  • "I can't afford it."

  • "I'm not ready."

  • "I'm confused."

  • "I can't get it together."
Look, we all need a little help sometimes. We're no exception - we work with a business coach and a mastermind group for ongoing advice, course correction, insight, experience, inspiration, direction, evaluation, and goal-oriented planning.

You can get that kind of help in a one-shot dose, too. We call it the "A-Ha!" Strategy Session.

"A-Ha!" Strategy Sessions are the perfect solution when you need a professional, experienced "success partner" to help you address your challenges, ideas, business opportunities and/or marketing issues. The Session is designed to deliver the specific advice, action steps, resource recommendations, and perspective you need to move your unique business goals forward with confidence.

Your "A-Ha!" Strategy Session includes:

  • Your Pre-Session Primer, to ensure focus, get clear on goals and expectations, and make the most of our time together during the Strategy Session.

  • Your 50-minute Strategy Session, to be scheduled within 90 days from the date of your reservation. (While we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule, spaces are limited. Book your Session now to get it on the calendar.)

  • The option to have your Session recorded, so insights won't be lost, and you can be fully engaged without worrying about forgetting any of the juicy details.

  • Your Session Summary, to be delivered via email within five business days of your session, along with the MP3 recording of your Session (if requested).
Click here to start the "A-Ha!" Strategy Session reservation process. Moments after we process your $300 session fee, you'll receive your Pre-Session Primer. Our assistant will contact you within five business days to schedule your Session.

Remember, the choice to stay stuck is already costing you time, money, and resources. As a business owner, you can make a better choice. In this case, one that empowers you to move forward with a success partner who's committed to helping you achieve the revenue and results you're after.

We hope we have the opportunity to help you reach your goals. Reserve your "A-Ha!" Strategy Session today.

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