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From the desks of Lani & Allen Voivod
Lakes Region, NH
Friday, 8:54 am

Dear time-strapped, success-minded professional,

If you're anything like us, you're always looking for ways to grow your business. 18 months ago, we saw that Social Media was the next frontier for businesses to market themselves, saw others growing their businesses there and dove headfirst into it for our own business. Little did we know when we first took that dive - we'd quickly feel like we were swimming blindfolded in the deep end of the ocean.

Can you relate?

It took us almost a year, between running our 6-figure business as it was and raising two young boys, for us to figure out how to use Social Media with any kind of success. We spent hours upon hours and literally thousands of dollars in education before we began to land new clients, get more work from existing clients, get thousands of dollars in free publicity and get speaking engagements - quickly and easily.

This is good news for you!


Because we've boiled down our 18 months of
learning, playing, growing, and PROFITING
with these tools into
6 strategic, easy-to-follow modules that
will get you up and navigating successfully
in the world of Social just six weeks - or less.

(That's the thrust of the Social Media Kick Start Virtual Boot Camp. More on that down further on the page.)

And because you're reading this, it's a safe bet you'd like to find out how to make social media for your business as easy as possible. So the first thing we'd like to do is send you our "6-Step Social Media Kick Start" audio program for FREE. It's an hour-long teleclass recording revealing the four most important social media platforms you MUST adopt to stay competitive and relevant, plus how to leverage your time, energy, and resources so you get the results you want without headaches and hassles.

Just put your first name and email address in the box below and we'll send you a download link to this info-rich, straight-shooting audio program right away.


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You'll also receive a complimentary subscription to our Inciter ezine (if you don't receive it already - we'll send you a confirmation email first if not). And we will NEVER share, rent or sell your information to any other organization.



If you'd like to ramp up your visibility, reach, competitive edge, and profits - with free and low-cost platforms, where your target market spends more and more time every day - this might be the most useful letter you read all year.

As a couple of "in the trenches" entrepreneurs who've been using these tools, developing strategies, testing what we've learned, and sharing the best of what we've discovered, our efforts are paying off.

Today, we're speaking, presenting seminars, and giving workshops at high-profile conferences, business events, and for trade associations to spread the social media gospel. We're also consulting with local businesses AND global brands on the power and possibility of social media ...and one thing we know for sure is you can put social media to work for your goals and ventures, too.


"You make the whole realm of social media feel accessible."

"You position yourselves as the experts, but not by divination or some secretive method. By trial and error, you have amassed an enormous amount of knowledge, and it appears that you continue to do so. I suppose it just boils down to being human, being happy to admit it, and making that a measure of success rather than excuses."

--Hilary Niles,



"Thank you so much...I have been energized to continue with my journey in the social media arena, and have been inspired to reach a little further outside my comfort zone."

--Michelle Therrien, Geocentric Innovations


We're including these and other testimonials because we know THERE'S SO MUCH NOISE out there about social media right now, so many people suddenly calling themselves experts, so much conflicting information about what to do and how to do it.

We took a different path, investing in the world's first certification program for social media consulting and implementation developed by Mari Smith, who dubbed "The Pied Piper of the online world." As founding members of the International Social Media Association (ISMA), we put our learning on the line in our own business and with our clients. And we're bringing the down-to-earth goods to you, without the hype or overwhelm, and with real-world examples and results.

Are you ready to take advantage of all the time, money, and energy we've put into learning the best, most realistic and relevant tips, tactics, and strategies to get more leads, clients, and results with social media? (And have a BLAST doing it!)


Grab Your Spot in the
"Social Media Kick Start"
Virtual Boot Camp


Inspired by the feedback we've received from people like you - solo-preneurs, small business owners, marketing professionals, and key players in mission-driven organzations - the "Social Media Kick Start" Virtual Boot Camp is designed to help you start using social marketing platforms powerfully, practically, and with confidence that your efforts will deliver tangible results.

(In a hurry? Reserve your spot here.)

Here's how it works...

At the core of the Boot Camp are six webinar-style learning modules, each with their own downloadable Micro-guides for convenient, at-a-glance key points, highlights, and resources.

When you join the Boot Camp, you receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the modules, plus links to our customized companion checklists, templates, and "Cheat Sheets" for you to use to stay focused, save time, and make your life easier.

We know what it's like to run a business and try to learn something new and still have time to spend with the family - so we've made them super-easy for you to use. You get to watch the modules to kick-start your social media success on your schedule, not ours!

And if for some reason you can't keep up with the modules, or life gets in the way, don't worry. You have access to all the information for 12 full months.

Each module is just under an hour long, so it's easy to absorb in one sitting. And because one of the most common questions we get is, "Well, I'm on [insert social media platform] what?", we show you exactly how you can take full advantage of these powerful, viral marketing tools.

Here's what you'll learn in the Boot Camp:


Module 1: Social Marketing 101 -
Tools, Tips, and Tactics Overview

  • How info marketers are right about where the money is - and how different it looks for social media

  • Why "free" is still so powerful - and what you can give in order to boost your visibility, reputation, revenues, and results

  • 7 foundational tactics for your social media activities, to get traction and get to real world results faster


Module 2: Blogging -
The Hub of Your Social Media Success

  • The 5 most powerful benefits of having a blog

  • What makes a great headline, what to post and how often, plus SEO advice

  • 6 ways to promote your blog and attract more readers to it


Module 3: Twitter -
The Short, Sweet, Super -charged Marketing Tool
Taking the World by Storm

  • What is Twitter - so ridiculous on its face, so surprising powerful and useful the deeper you get

  • The different ways to communicate on Twitter, what to say and (most importantly!) how to say it

  • 5 ways to build your following (technically there's more, but they all fall into the five areas)


Module 4: Facebook -
Secrets for Success With the 800-lb. Social Networking Gorilla

  • 11 ways to build connections on Facebook, so you can leverage their plans for world domination

  • How the entire Facebook platform supports rapid network expansion AND viral visibility

  • Solutions to common concerns about privacy and message overwhelm


Module 5: LinkedIn -
Mining for Gold in this Overlooked Networking Asset

  • Why LinkedIn is more than merely "relevant" in a world dominated by Twitter and Facebook

  • Customizing calls to action, SEO within LinkedIn, recommendation power, and more

  • 6 ways to build connections and the top 7 things to do on LinkedIn


Module 6: The Next Level -
Social Marketing Integration and Implementation Strategies

  • Facts facts, need-to-knows, and the special integration mojo of the 4 gotta-have-'em social media tools

  • The basic social media integration strategy, plus 3 advanced options and an "energetic" solution for which one(s) to pursue

  • 3 ways to implement your social media strategy - and if you go at this for long enough, you'll probably do them all!


Ramp up your learning curve and get results faster - sign up now!

Whether you want to use social media as a direct sales channel like Dell and Woot, to drive leads to your site like Forrester Research and Success Connections, to drive down customer service costs like Comcast and Intuit, or to build your brand reputation like Serena Software and BrainReactions, you'll get on the fast track to your goals in the "Social Media Kick Start" Virtual Boot Camp.


The Communications & Legislative Director for NH's Division of Economic Development, who calls us his "social marketing gurus" (which is funny, because it's way too intense to us), had this to say about us on his No Bull Business Blog:

"They were superheroes of the highest power..."

"In a lot of ways, the first couple of meetings with Allen and Lani reminded me of the X-Men movie where the mutant students are gathered at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. They were superheroes of the highest power, with the ability to throw out creative thoughts and not to dismiss any concept, no matter how impossible it sounded. They would not be constrained by red tape or logistical hardships, nor would they accept the premise that positive action couldn't be achieved."

-- Steve Boucher,


And a member of the educational consortium's team that attended our Social Media Business Summit had this to say about the program which led to the creation of the Social Media Kick Start Virtual Boot Camp:

Tying the Pieces Together

"The info presented was very welcome and helped me tie some of the pieces together...made me hungry to learn more, whereas before I was like a deer in headlights. Thanks!"

--Abby Collins,


You're "ready" to dive into social media...

You've searched online for information about how to get started and best use social media marketing tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs, but only wound up more confused and unsure about the "right" way to do things...

...this is the solution for YOU.

Now, we know things still aren't back to normal with the economy, and if you're like us, you're still watching your expenses very carefully. You also know that social media marketing isn't going away. In fact, it's where all businesses are going, and to stay competitive, you need to be there.

So, you're probably wondering, "Okay, Allen and Lani - what's this going to cost me?"

Well, first, it's important to think of this as an investment in your business and not a cost, and that's a reality. Our goal is to get the power of these tools into the hands of as many driven professionals as possible.

Because, it can get pricey. We're spending more than $5,000.00 this year to become Certified Social Media Specialists and learn what we'll be teaching you. But, you won't pay anywhere near that - heck, not even close.

We were going to offer it for $497 (it's worth more than that!!) but we checked in with each other and decided that because of the current state of financial affairs in world, and because we believe so strongly in the power of these social media tools that we want as many people to have access to this program as possible, you can accelerate your social media success for just $497 $297.

YES. Just $297!

Plus we're adding these downloadable items to the mix as well:

  • A Social Media "Starter Pak"

  • Micro-guides for each module

  • Two pre-recorded Q&A sessions audios, featuring ideas and opportunities brainstormed on live "hot seats" with previous boot camp attendees

  • Bonus #1: ($147 value) Your own copies of the templates and checklists we use for social media success in our own business, sent throughout the Virtual Boot Camp. These will save you an enormous amount of time in your planning and processes.

  • Bonus #2: ($47 value) "The New Rules of Shoestring Marketing": 1-hour audio, PLUS the Shoestring Marketing "Cheat Sheet" and Evaluation Matrix "Cheat Sheet"

Ask yourself: "If I don't take action now, when will I?"

The success of your business depends on you to stay current and sharp... and a step ahead of your competition. This program is the way to make it happen.

We guarantee that if the program doesn't help you produce the results you're looking for in your business, ask us for a prompt refund within one year of the end of the program. No reasons or excuses needed. It's that simple.

Don't hesitate - the time will fly, regardless of what you do...but if you take the leap and secure your spot, you'll fast-track your social media success, save time, money, and energy, and (dare we say it) enjoy yourself, too!

Best regards,

Lani & Allen Voivod
Co-owners and Content Lovers of Epiphanies, Inc.

P.S. Once you see how easy - and profitable - Social Media can be, you'll wonder how you ever ran your business without it. Take the plunge and click here to grab one of the seats in this Boot Camp - now!