Fast, focused, fierce: Facebook results – GUARANTEED


Learn the latest, must-know tactics and easy-to-implement strategies that will save you timeget you out of overwhelm, and give you the tools and resources you need to thrive on Facebook, the world’s largest social network and most valuable marketing database.

This renegade program – the “A-Ha!” Facebook Business Accelerator – is all online, no travel required! Watch whenever it’s convenient, as many times as you want. Dive into these six powerful video modules:


Leverage, Automate, Integrate

Facebook users want to share the great things you have to offer with their own connections.

• Top 5 Facebook integrations into your website
• 6 integrations of other platforms with Facebook
• 5 powerful 3rd party applications to enable easy Facebook connections, likes and shares
• What you (or your web developer) needs to make it work


Get Seen in News Feeds!

How Facebook treats content – and how to fine-tune your own content for the greatest organic visibility possible.

• 3 big ideas driving Facebook content strategy
• 3 types of content strategy planning
• Top 5 types of FB content – optimized!
• The power of comments and shares
• The best 3 types of FB promotional content


We Have a Winner!

Facebook has strict rules about promotions, sweepstakes, and contests. This module will help you do them right, and do them successfully.

• Promotional guidelines: What you need to know
• 5 keys to successful promotions
• 6 primary goals of promos, and a side benefit for all
• 4 types of promotions to run
• App companies that make Facebook promotions as “plug ‘n play” as possible



Make Facebook even more suited to your business goals by installing a few “extras.”

• 3 levels of Facebook applications (“apps!”)
• Facebook’s evolving take on applications
• 5 prime app categories, with recommendations
• Deeper in the app world – 5 trends that affect the way apps may develop on Facebook


The FB Goldmine

Because Facebook offers so many ways for you to advertise on their platform, and so little guidance on how best to do it.

• Samples and how-tos for targeting options
• 4 primary goals for your advertisements
• Facebook Ads, Social Ads, Promoted Page, Sponsored Stories – what’s the difference?
• 6 best practice areas for ads
• How to advertise to your email list through Facebook
• What kind of performance can you expect?


Amazing Insights

Reach? Virality? Engagement? You’ll get to the heart of each of these ideas, and learn how your Page’s performance stacks up.

• 3 challenges with Facebook Insights
• The solution to useful metrics evaluation
• Using the four main (pretty) sections of Insights
• Going deeper – lessons inside the export files
• What do you do with all this information?
• Note: Facebook is upgrading Insights starting in July 2013. When the upgrade is complete, we’ll upgrade this module with new information for you!


Special Bonuses, Too!

In addition to the 6-session interactive video course, you also get access to:

Resource Guides – each Module comes with a related PDF guide to easily find and access the tools and resources referenced in the Modules
 The Timeline Tell-All – bonus video covering the basics of Facebook Page content types, customization opportunities, and more
• Transcripts for each of the sessions, to follow along, highlight, add notes, and learn by reading, too!

“I believe in Epiphanies, Inc. and I believe in Lani Voivod and Allen Voivod. I had been plugging along in the public relations game for quite awhile but had never explored social media before I met the two of you. With your sage counsel and instruction, I was introduced to a world that transformed how state government reaches out to its audience. As a result, our following grew and we were able to get information out in a way that was previously completely foreign to us. It says a lot that when I moved on to Southern New Hampshire University, I have continued to keep Epiphanies on speed dial whenever I have a question or want to brainstorm a new social media idea. Lani and Allen are EXPERTS in this field and the real world instruction you provide transforms communications efforts.”
~Steve Boucher, Director of Marketing and Communications, Southern New Hampshire University


“Have you had the opportunity to meet the Allies in Possibility? Well, maybe you know them as Epiphanies, Inc. And they’re probably one of the most ‘social’ly conscious couple I’ve had the chance to meet. They just … get it. And now they have the opportunity to give ‘it’ to you. Marketers and business owners, do yourself a favor…Check out their Facebook Business Accelerator program. You can thank me later.”
~Beth San Soucie, Big Cat Coffees and Perk at Work

Our Guarantee


The “A-Ha!” Facebook Business Accelerator is loaded with the best information out there for boosting your visibility, building your buying audience, and getting tangible business results with Facebook. We want you to be thrilled with what we deliver, so here’s our promise to you. You can get the entire course today for $97, totally RISK-FREE. If, after watching all 6 sessions and applying the lessons and strategies from the Accelerator, you don’t feel fully satisfied, or you didn’t get awesome value and better results with your Facebook activities after taking this course, simply contact us and we’ll refund your money in full. You have our word on it.


Take Control of Your Facebook Destiny

That’s what we’re REALLY talking about here. It’s one thing to dive in and play – it’s a necessary thing, in fact – and it’s another thing entirely to start mastering the tools and opportunities that Facebook puts in your hands.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to go through the course and learn about these Facebook topics.

The most successful businesses on Facebook are using the tools, strategies, and opportunities covered in this course. It’s time for you to join their ranks.

To your Facebook success,


Lani & Allen Voivod
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