Take Better Instagram Pictures – Really!

by Allen Voivod

Instagram MarketingIn researching and bolstering our knowledge for the “A-Ha!” Tribe‘s Private Webinar on Instagram Marketing, we kept coming across one consistent piece of advice for Instagram users:

“Take Better Pictures.”

This, frankly, isn’t very helpful advice by itself. And it’s not often accompanied by actual helpful info – instead, it’s usually paired with something along the lines of, “Find out what your audience likes, and do that.”

We’re not professional photographers ourselves, and neither is 95% of the general population. So how are we supposed to suddenly take better pictures?!

That’s just one of the topics we tackled in the private webinar, “Instagram Marketing: Putting Your Visual Content Strategy Into Overdrive With 23 Savvy Tips, Tricks, Tools, and More.” In fact, it was tip #10. :-)

You may have this challenge, too, so we thought we’d share this example from the webinar with you!

The Rule of Thirds

Take Better Instagram Pictures


So, check out the two photos in the slide from our presentation. The one on the right looks a lot better, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s following the Rule of Thirds.

Imagine your pictures divided into three rows and three columns, like you see with these examples. See the four intersections, where the red dots are? Those are visual areas of interest that we as humans seem naturally drawn to. Also, anything visually interesting that can run along one of those lines through the photo is supposed to be very pleasing to your eyes and ours, too.

If you’re using the camera in your smartphone, chances are it has a setting where you can layer Rule of Thirds lines on your camera’s screen, so that way you can line up the perfect shot!

Some other things to keep in mind:

Background. No photo bombers! Be conscious of what the scene looks like behind the person, place, or thing you want to capture. Does it support the feeling of the image you want to convey? If so, great! If not, start moving around to create a better look.

Filters. Did you know? Mayfair is the native Instagram filter that gets the best engagement? And, you’re not limited to Instagram’s filters. Use another app like Snapseed, Litely, or VSCO Cam to play with different filters, and import THAT into Instagram with none of IG’s filters applied!

Lighting. Some things you can fix with filters, and some you can’t. Make sure you’ve got enough light to clearly capture your moment. Not staring-into-the-sun harsh! (Unless that’s an effect you’re trying to achieve.) For shooting people, it’s enough light to give their faces a bit of definition and depth, but not enough to create big shadows.

Now, we turn it over to you! What are some of your favorite tips for taking better pictures – on Instagram or elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!

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