Scrambled Eggs and Social Media | #GMCOC

by Lani & Allen

Scrambled Eggs and Social Media | #GMCOCIt was a cold and wet May morning on the outside, but inside at the newly renovated Manchester Country Club, things were piping hot! What a treat it was to be invited by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce to kick off their Summer Social Media Series.

Sponsored by Bellwether Community Credit Union, the event brought biz professionals and non-profit leaders together for networking, a yummy breakfast, and presentations from yours truly. (Side note: Lani won a bet for the second time in a row that most of the audience hadn’t heard of a “gravity well,” which is what Allen used as a visual to illustrate influence in social media. Congrats, Lani!)

In addition to sharing the presentations, we’ve also recorded a webinar version of “Relationship Marketing on Fire!” which is embedded below, along with the “You x 100″ presentation from Slideshare. You can catch the scene and the social action through our wrap-up video and curated Storify, too.

They’re all here for you, and if for some reason you can’t see them, here are the old school links:

You x 100: Amplify Your Marketing and Leverage Your Content With Social Media (slides)

Relationship Marketing on Fire! Igniting Sales, Loyalty, and Customer Service in the Social Realm (webinar)

Scrambled Eggs and Social Media: The Social Scene Video (YouTube)

Scrambled Eggs and Social Media on Storify







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