The State of NH on Facebook, 2014 Edition (and What Non-Granite-Staters Can Learn, Too!)

by Allen Voivod

The State of New Hampshire on Facebook, 2014 EditionYes, “The State of New Hampshire on Facebook.” This is the workshop based on the upcoming 2nd annual report, created with a not-so-secret agenda! You’ll find the presentation embedded below, as well as the live recording of the Google Hangout on Air. Thanks so much to the  Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce for inviting us back for the third year in a row to be part of their Summer Social Media Series. It’s always a joy, and everyone there is wonderful.

But back to the story. Sure, the presentation and workshop provide a lot of insight into the people in New Hampshire who use Facebook. (About 3 out of 4 age-eligible folks, growing 15% over the last three years to 740,000 people!) Age and gender, mobile use, interests, sociographics, and more, it’s all in there. Not to mention a discussion of “Behaviors” and the info inside “Partner Categories” – no way we could cover all that in an hour workshop, because that data goes deep AND wide.

So that’ll give you a hint about the not-so-secret agenda. Even though it says it’s about the state of New Hampshire on Facebook, what it REALLY does is give a glimpse into what’s possible for you and your business or organization. As one of your Allies in Possibility here at Epiphanies, Inc., how could I resist!?

What Non-Granite-Staters Get From It

Now, if you don’t live in New Hampshire, you can still glean some very powerful things from these resources:

1. Knowledge of the kind of insights you can discover about your own target market inside Facebook, wherever they may reside

2. Internal and external trends powering change inside Facebook, and their implications for your marketing strategy

3. Important resources for finding, learning about, and targeting ads more effectively to your Ideal Audience on Facebook

If that doesn’t float your boat, well, heck, buoyancy may not be your only challenge!  ;)

The State of NH on Facebook Presentation and Workshop Video

If for any reason you can’t see the embedded items below, click here to see the presentation on Slideshare, and click here to watch the Hangout on Air recording on YouTube!


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