Creating a Viral Campaign in 4 Easy Steps (Really!)

by Lani & Allen

We just had to share this brilliant social media campaign with you – and it’s one YOU can do, too! The team at ChartSpan, an innovative startup that’s making an app for families to manage their healthcare records securely on their smartphones, decided to do something special for moms on Mother’s Day.

For the weekend leading into Mother’s Day, Ryan O’Hara – ChartSpan’s CMO and member of the ‘A-Ha!’ Tribe – and his team offered to write custom songs on the fly for any mother out there. All you had to do was tweet the mom’s Twitter handle to ChartSpan, and BAM! Custom song and YouTube video within hours. Our son Joe asked them to make one for Lani, and it turned into a rave:

(Can’t see the video above? Click here to watch it on YouTube!)

They ended up making 21 custom songs and videos in three days. The campaign got great visibility for them – exposure to as many as 1.75 million Twitter accounts, more than 500 video views, and a bunch of new website traffic. The full 21-song playlist has 73 views in its own right, and the number grows every day. They also nabbed the attention, respect, and gratitude of some key influencers who now have ChartSpan squarely on their radar. We’ve already joined the waiting list to be notified when the app is available to the public, and hope you will too!

Now, what about YOU? Maybe you’re not the musical type, but could you use an app to create customized and easily-shareable visual messages? How about recording 6-second messages on Vine?

Here’s the thing: To do something memorable and impactful like ChartSpan did, all you have to do is:

1) Pick a theme

2) Pick a tool

3) Use all your channels to get the word out, and

4) PLAY!

The tools are out there, and you have the power to bend them to your will. Memorial Day and Father’s Day are coming up…what will you do with these opportunities?

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