Who Else Wants to Leap Into Possibility?

by Lani and Allen

Leap Into Possibility at the 2013 "A-Ha!" Social Business Summit!

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Do you dream of catapulting your message, mission, and vision out to exactly the right people in exactly the right way? Have you wished there was a fun, easy, and dynamic way to ignite your growth, reach, and power with the tools and resources of today?

Well you’re in luck, because it’s officially time to “Leap Into Possibility!”


That’s the theme of the 5th annual “A-Ha!” Social Business Summit, our company’s award-winning social media marketing conference, strategically designed for entrepreneurs, trailblazers, brand champions, biz dynamos, mission-driven leaders, marketing innovators, and passionate professionals everywhere. Tickets for the live event are going fast. In fact, more than 25% of them are already gone after one little email sent just four days ago.

(Get your early bird ticket now, and you’ll save 40% off the full conference price!)

Here’s the 2013 “A-Ha!” Summit in a nutshell:

Think social media, video strategies, online branding, digital engagement, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, mobile integration, content creation, social storytelling, the value of what can’t be measured, and much more.

There’s a bigger vision here, too. Our goal, our deep, passionate intention, is to deliver just the right messages, just the right information and resources, to the “A-Ha!” Summit audience, whether you’re at the live event, livestreaming, or watching the on-demand videos weeks and months down the line. We want you to learn, expand, grow, and succeed with confidence and clarity.

We sincerely believe the more you feel empowered in your craft, career, or calling – by leading communities, launching products or services, connecting with clients and customers, building strong networks, expressing bold ideas, and/or exploring new frontiers – the better everyone’s lives (and bottom lines!) will be.

You can read up on details of this high-impact experience, watch a video from last year’s event, and register at: http://www.AhaSummit.com.

Our partners at Southern New Hampshire University will again be hosting the live event on November 15th, 2013, and you can either attend in person, or watch it online with a Digital Pass. In fact, your Digital Pass allows you to watch the Summit sessions whenever you want, for up to a full year after the conference.

  • Learn from industry leaders, brand experts, and marketing mavens who use their mojo to serve hundreds of thousands of clients around the globe.
  • Make powerful connections with game changers and driven professionals to open new doors of opportunity.
  • Expand your knowledge about what’s possible for you and your ventures in this Digital Age.
  • Get inspired, ignited – even blown away! – and invest in the success of your passions and pursuits.

November 15th is a day designed for YOU and the heights of your possibilities.

We look forward to an unforgettable adventure together.

Here’s to thinking big, and taking YOUR talents and vision to the next level,

@LaniVoivod and @AllenVoivod

Your Allies in Possibility at Epiphanies, Inc.

P.S. The worlds of communication, connection, and technology are changing, FAST. Your success, now and in the future, relies on your determination to learn, grow, and remain open to the tools and resources around you. Say “Yes!” to the 2013 “A-Ha!” Social Business Summit, and say “Yes!” to the ever-expanding possibilities of your strengths, life, and ventures. Please don’t miss out…And don’t miss the early bird pricing, either – 40% off the full conference price!


Big thanks, as always, to the fabulous Partners, Sponsors, and Allies who help make this possible:


Summit Partner: Southern New Hampshire University

Engagement Partner: Constant Contact

Brand Partner: Flock Marketing

Possibility Partner: Epiphanies, Inc.


Founding Sponsor: NH Division of Economic Development

Print Media Sponsor: New Hampshire Business Review

Radio Sponsor: The New Hampshire Today Show with Jack Heath


Coffee Ally: Perk at Work

Do Good Ally: The Common Man

Shuttle Service Ally: Capital City Limousine

Inspiration Ally: KateLemay.com Art

Breakfast Ally: Women Inspiring Women

They all rock, and we highly encourage you to check out what they can do for your visions and ventures.

(While you’re down here…

 Do you know a company or organization that would benefit from more visibility and connection with a forward-thinking audience of entrepreneurs, business owners, community leaders, and passionate professionals? Please consider sharing the “A-Ha!” Summit Partner and Sponsorship opportunities with them. Thank you!)

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