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by Lani and Allen

Sign up for the Affiliate Program for the A-Ha Social Business SummitDo you like to share great resources with your colleagues, business networks, and social media connections? Are you a maven in your industry, a creative marketing whiz, or a respected leader in your field or community?

(Or maybe you’re simply a person who appreciates a bit of extra spending money?)

Whatever the case may be…

Why not take advantage of the Affiliate Program for the “A-Ha!” Social Business Summit?!

In case you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s the deal in a nutshell:

For every Digital Pass sale you refer to the online version of the 2013 “A-Ha!” Social Business Summit, you get a whopping 50% of the price of the ticket, no strings attached.

During the early bird pricing phase through 10/31/13, the Digital Pass is $49. So for every sale you refer, you get $24.50.

10 affiliate sales during early bird? $245.00 in your pocket.

100 affiliate sales during early bird? $2,450.00 – not too shabby at all.

1,000 affiliate sales during early bird? $24,500.00 – you can buy a decent new car, or bring your family on a fancy cruise, or sock it away for a rainy day, or probably pay your mortgage for all of 2014. Whatever.

Digital Passes go up to $79 after October 31st, so the amount you could make will only go up after that, if you’re good at this affiliate gig. (You can do the math on those numbers!)

Never tried your hand at affiliate programs?

No worries. It’s really easy. It takes, like, three seconds to sign up and get your unique affiliate link, and you can get started right away.

What we love most about it, is you have the chance to make more money sharing this resource with your connections and networks than if we hired you to work for us for the day, or week, or even a month, if you’re super good. ;)

FYI: 50% is pretty rare for affiliate programs. Thought you’d like to know that.

We don’t want to limit your own creative ideas around this opportunity, so we’ll just toss out a few obvious approaches. (Just be sure to include your affiliate link, if you run with any or all of the following suggestions! We recommend creating a smart, customized link with a link shortener like, so you can make the link easier to read, paste, and share.):

  • Shoot out a personal email to contacts you think would be interested in a day’s worth of great content around social media, marketing, online branding, mobile apps, digital channels, content creation, etc.
  • Share on LinkedIn in personal notes, and/or with your LinkedIn Groups
  • Let your Facebook friends know about the event! Chances are you know more than a few biz owners, solopreneurs, mission-driven dynamos, and passionate professionals who would love to get their message, mission, vision, products, and/or services out to the world in smarter, better, faster, cheaper, and more effective ways.
  • Use Twitter to send a bunch of tweets about this award-winning social media, marketing, and success conference!
  • Are you comfortable in front of a video camera? Put the power of video to work for you! Make short, 1-minute vids about why folks should get a Digital Pass to the “A-Ha!” Social Biz Summit, and then be sure you direct them to find out more and register via your affiliate link. Quite compelling, indeed.

Seriously, though – if you’ve never attended this signature event, now in its fifth year, please know this: This conference is LOADED with hard-won advice, insights, and actionable recommendations from proven leaders and brand champions who serve hundreds of thousands of businesses and organizations around the world.

For every person you refer, you’re not only getting rewarded – you’re also giving them access to countless ways to expand their ideas, ventures, sales, reach, profits, audience…and POSSIBILITIES.

The Bottom Line

If you honestly and authentically share the value of this day’s worth of great content around social media strategies, resources, tips, and wisdom with your connections, in your own voice – ESPECIALLY if you’ve got a dose of marketing experience, passion, and savvy – this could be a really fantastic, money-making opportunity for you.

What do you think? Sound like a challenge? A no-brainer? An easy opportunity? A chance to shine? A way to make quick cash?

If this is speaking to you, go on over to the “A-Ha!” Summit site and get your affiliate link:

There are a bunch of banners and graphics for you to use there, as well as pre-written copy for emails, tweets, and social posts for Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, and/or wherever you want to share. It’s all there for YOU to adapt at will, or just cut-n-paste, if you’re so inclined.

Oh, we hope you run with this opportunity and kick some butt. Our goal is to get the game-changing information and resources shared on this day out to as many trailblazers, small business owners, bold dreamers, daring doers, community leaders, big thinkers, and dedicated professionals as possible.

Let us know what you decide. Our fingers are crossed!

- Allen and Lani Voivod

Your Allies in Possibility at Epiphanies, Inc.

Founders of the “A-Ha!” Summits


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