How to Find Opportunities in the Face of Challenges [VIDEO]

by Allen Voivod

Finding the Opportunities Within Your ChallengesHow do you quantify the marketing ROI of a $40 late fee on a video rental that turns into a $4 billion business with more than 2,000 employees?

That’s the story of the founding of Netflix, and of entrepreneur Reed Hastings, who started the company after getting hit with that fee on a video rental of Apollo 13.

In the aftermath of a presentation on the business value of “The Unmeasurable” (delivered as part of a “Back to Business” workshop put on by Constant Contact), Epiphanies, Inc. co-owner and Ally in Possibility Allen Voivod encourages YOU to look at everything that happens in your business – good, bad, or indifferent – as a potential opportunity for you.

Maybe they won’t all turn out to be opportunities, but the more you open your mind to thinking in this way, the more likely you’ll be able to create opportunities for yourself where no one else could have seen them. Watch it, and train your brain!

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