Facebook Ads: The Most Common, Money-Wasting Mistake [VIDEO]

by Allen Voivod

Facebook Start to Success ProgramYou’d like to spend less on your Facebook Ad campaigns and get more out of them, right? Of course you would. :)

So, let’s focus on the “spend less” portion in this post. I’ve been meeting with an Account Manager and Client Partner at Facebook in recent weeks, and regardless of whether you’re running cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) campaigns, there’s one mistake that advertisers make which drives up their costs for absolutely no good reason.

Just one of the benefits of our new partnership with Facebook through the “Start to Success” program is insider information like this, which we get to share with you! To make it as easy as possible, I break down the details in one minute flat in the video embedded below. (Can’t see it? Check it out on YouTube, and subscribe to our channel while you’re there, will ya?)

YouTube Preview Image

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