A 60-Day Juice Fast? Why the heck not. #Aha60

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod

“What if…”

A 60-Day Juice Fast? Why the heck not. #Aha60That’s the whisper I heard in my gut last night as I slurped the last bit of my fourth juice of the day, a tomato-celery-rainbow peppers-carrot-parsley-lemon concoction I threw together as Allen read the fifth Harry Potter to our sons for the nightly bedtime reading ritual.

It was the end of my second day of consuming nothing but fruits and veggies churned out of my Breville juicer. I had planned on juicing for a day or maybe three, just to jumpstart a few other health goals I was putting into place. As always, the changes were a desperate effort to reverse the ridiculous 20 lb. weight gain I experienced after destroying my ACL and tearing my meniscus in February…

PLUS the 20 lb. weight gain that hitched a ride with my hips and buttocks as I forayed into motherhood…

Not to mention the soul-crushing 40 lb. weight gain I earned with impressive panache in my 20s.

But last night, when a few bold thoughts were vying for my attention, I heard – and felt – something different.

“What if I just commit to this crazy 60-day juice fast adventure? Heck, I like juicing. I’ve made it 11 days straight before, and I’m already two days into the game. Why not just do this thang?!” 

I checked in with myself and couldn’t find the usual scoff, or the fear, or the list of reasons objecting to such an arguably radical and slightly unconventional approach to change and transformation.

Nowhere in my gut was the drama or hesitation to such a “preposterous” idea.

In fact, all I could see, feel, and imagine was this head-smacking clarity of the choice, bolstered by an onslaught of benefits:

  • Swift and healthy weight loss (!!!! Woohoo!!!!)
  • Clear thinking
  • Full-throttle detoxification
  • Radiant skin
  • Increased energy
  • Feeding and flushing my cells with a glorious deluge of micronutrients
  • Reprogramming my mind, body, and taste buds to embrace and flourish with rock star nourishment once and for all
  • Achieving all the above and more in just Two. Short. Months.

Truth be told, I thought the experience, the whole unpredictable two-month experiment itself, sounded downright FUN.

Then I realized the best thing about this budding adventure.

Maybe, just maybe, I could inspire a few others along the way. After all, I’ve got this “A-Ha!” Blog, 1,300+ pals on Facebook, 300+ folks on Instagram, 1000+ peeps on Pinterest, and nearly 30K amigos on Twitter.

Throw in some wonderful connections on LinkedIn, Google+, and our various Epiphanies, Inc. social channels with the magic of algorithmic serendipity, and surely my journey will reach and positively impact at least a handful of seekers, dreamers, dieters, and doers.

Those of us who wrestle with weight do so much of it in our own private dungeons of doom. When we feel brave, bold, or even depleted and depressed enough to start poking around the Internet for answers, inspiration, hope, or possibilities, sometimes the most unexpected blip can become the spark that lights our fire toward fat freedom. I, personally, have spent hours and hours looking at myriad hashtag threads and Pinterest Boards for tips, stories, and fodder that might, somehow, nudge me in the right direction, and ideally serve as the catalyst for deep and lasting change.

I truly want to experience my life in a healthy, fit body.

The years of fight and misery around this area have been a doggone drag, and I’m sick of it all. For the first time in a long, long time, I can see a pathway to the next phase of my gig on Earth. My youngest has just started kindergarten. My knee’s mostly back in commission from April’s ACL surgery, which means I can hike again, do more than the stationary bike at the gym, and get back to my perfectly imperfect yoga practice. I’m not going on any big business trips during the next two months, and the high-calorie holiday season is outside of the 60-day Juice Zone.

Thus, the time has, at long last, finally arrived.

My Commitment, to Me and to You

Day by day, I will buy the produce, prep the produce, juice the produce, drink the produce, and clean the juicer.

I will exercise, sleep well, and laugh on a daily basis, meditate often, and do yoga at least twice a week.

I will take what I learned in Fat, Sick, and Nearly DeadForks Over KnivesFood MattersHungry for Change, and so many other passionate health documentaries and resources and apply it all to my exquisite reinvention.

Finally, I’ll share the journey in, on, and around my social-sphere with pictures, videos, updates, posts, and tweets, and let anyone interested peek into the process as they choose.

I’m on Day 3. The next 57 1/2 days will surely be a breeze… ;)





  • Gemgem

    I think you are amazing and incredibly inspiring…I will be following your journey. I have had a similar journey and loved reading your first post, I wish you lots of luck :)

  • Lani Voivod *A-Ha!*

    Thank you so much, Gemgem! Every bit of support means the world to me. I appreciate your comment immensely. :)

  • Kelly Lang

    Love it.

  • Barbara Sedoric

    You go girl!! Please post favorite blender concontions!

  • http://www.courtneypool.blogspot.com Courtney_Pool

    That’s fantastic! I coach long-term juice cleanse and can tell you that you are in for an AMAZING journey!!

  • Lani Voivod *A-Ha!*

    HI Courtney! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I’m on Day 6 now and just hit my first urge to eat today, plus a few detox symptoms, like mucous in the back of the throat, fatigue, and a feeling of “what the heck have I gotten myself into??!!” I really appreciate the perspective. Thank you for using your passions and experience to help folks on this “AMAZING journey” – we need the guidance. :)

  • Lani Voivod *A-Ha!*

    Hi Barbara! I posted a recipe on Instagram today – just a basic green juice that’s supposed to be one of Dr. Oz’s favorites:


    - 4 green apples

    - 6 stalks of celery

    - 2 cukes

    - 1 “thumb” of ginger

    - 1 lemon, w/ rind

    - 2 limes, w/ rind

    - 1-2 bunches of parsley

    - 3-4 cups of spinach

    Juice, pour over ice, and feel the#green goodness course through your capillaries!

    Carrot (3-6))/Apple (2)/Ginger and Carrot (3-6)/Orange (1)/Red Pepper (1/2) are couple of other good combos. And I just made something called “Hulk Blood” that I found on a great site called http://JuiceRecipes.com that was positively awesome: http://juicerecipes.com/recipes/hulk-blood-57.

    I also LOVE tomato-based juices, especially if I can get them to taste Bloody Mary-esque. :)

  • Lani Voivod *A-Ha!*

    Thank you, Miss Kelly Lang. You are a peach. xoxo

  • http://www.courtneypool.blogspot.com Courtney_Pool

    Those are totally normal symptoms! Awesome job!

  • Karen Boutwell

    Good for you! Now where did you find this amazing program?

  • Hannah

    This Juice Fasting Recipe has been my companion for juice dieting. Highly recommended! I lost 8kgs in 5 weeks! It’s available on Android market, not sure about iOS

  • http://healthylivingbynicole.com Nicole

    Juicing is so great for health! Fasts are hard but so worth it. It makes a big difference which juicer you use though. I wrote an article about the difference between centrifugal and masticating juicers if anyone wants more info: http://healthylivingbynicole.com/Juicing

    Happy juicing :)

  • http://www.juicefastingforlife.com/ Mal

    Just recently completed a six day fast. Its a start lol. I’ve written about it on my blog if youre interested http://www.juicefastingforlife.com/recent-six-day-juice-fast/

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