Dyn’s Geek Summer Camp, Storified

by Lani & Allen

Geek Summer Camp at Dyn, Inc.What happens when you put hundreds of bright minds together to talk about Internet infrastructure – speed, optimization, scaling, redundancy, security, email delivery, IP addresses, innovation, and the culture of tech companies?

You get the incredible inaugural event known as Geek Summer Camp. (#geeksummercamp, for you hashtaggers out there.)

On August 7-8, Manchester, NH tech star Dyn, Inc. brought together clients, partners, and folks from the across the tech industry for a two-day summit, and made it ridiculously fun by turning their office space into a campground, complete with campfire, tetherball, mess hall, clotheslines, and even “trees” (they printed giant, hi-res pictures of birch tree trunks to wrap around the office building’s support pillars).

As conferences go, this one had tremendous information AND tremendous visuals, and thanks to the magic of Storify, Twitter, Instagram, and crowdsourced posts from attendees, speakers, panelists, and the Dyn team, here’s your window into the first of what we hope will be many more Geek Summer Camps to come.


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