Playing With SNHU: The 2013 #AhaSNHU Visioning Sessions

by Lani & Allen

What happens when leaders, creatives, and go-getters from Southern New Hampshire UniversityFast Company‘s 12th Most Innovative Company in the World in 2012 – get together with us, Lani and Allen Voivod of Epiphanies, Inc., for two days of brainstorming, gamestorming, innovating, and radical collaboration?

In a word: MAGIC.

For the second year in a row, key managers and strategists from SNHU’s Marketing, Admissions, Transfers, Student Involvement & Career Development departments brought their A-games to the table to discover and reveal deeper audience understanding, surprising new places to build relationships, & cutting-edge strategies revved up and ready to be activated for the next school year.

We feel so extraordinarily lucky to be trusted with guiding the vision and possibilities of such a respected, game-changing educational institution. For the weeks leading up to the adventure, we had so many passionate discussions about what would most benefit the SNHU team, and how to leverage their time and talents for maximum results. It’s a challenge and a joy, and pushes us to think bigger, dream bigger, and leap out of our own comfort zones for the sake of our client’s ultimate success.

Admittedly, it’s not an easy thing for any of us to step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday and join forces with colleagues from other departments to share insights and perspectives. A lot of the process of brainstorming and exchanging ideas is downright messy. Demands from the outside never stop, wrestling for  our attentions from all directions, including inboxes, mobile devices, bosses, and even family responsibilities.

And yet, when it’s all said and done, the consensus is always the same: THIS TIME TOGETHER IS PRICELESS.

Once a year. Two days. It really isn’t that much, and somehow, it’s EVERYTHING.

Want a glimpse inside this year’s Visioning Sessions? Check out the highlights according to Instagram and Twitter via the event’s Storify story, and watch the one-minute video snapshot below (or here on YouTube)!


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