“The State of NH on Facebook” for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

by Lani & Allen

Summer Social Media Series

Stats, resources, and what-not about Granite State Facebook users to give NH businesses a big “A-Ha!” about their target audiences! Understand the New Hampshire audience on the Facebook platform – who and where they are, what they’re sharing, and how much of that information is available to professionals trying to reach their audiences in new and effective ways.

It’s all part of “The State of NH on Facebook” workshop, our session that kicks off the Summer Social Media Series for the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce next week. If you can’t make our opening session on June 5, 2013 from 12-2pm, head over to our Facebook Page and download your copy of the presentation, and the “State of NH on Facebook” report that inspired it!

And thanks to the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce for inviting us back for the third time in four years to be a part of this series. You folks are awesome!  :)

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