New Advanced Facebook Training Program Starts 5/7 – Early Bird Rate 50% Off!

by Lani & Allen

Lani and Allen here – hope this finds you enjoying your first month of Spring, wherever you’re spending it!

If you manage one or more Facebook Pages, this post is going to be tremendously valuable to you. It’s about our new Facebook Business Accelerator program – here are the details at a glance:

Facebook Business Accelerator highlights

  • Advanced Facebook training starts 5/ 7/13
  • 6 interactive video sessions over 3 weeks
  • Covering: Leverage, Visibility, Promotions, Advertising, Analytics, Apps
  • Access to Private Facebook Group, moderated by us daily
  • Peer Support and Networking
  • Early-bird is now, save 50%
  • Get it now!

Check out the full program, after you see these 6 reasons why the Facebook Business Accelerator is the best investment you’ll make in your Facebook success for 2013:

  1. Save time. We’ll show you how to work your Facebook mojo faster and more effectively, so you can relax and enjoy your ride to strategic, proven results.
  2. Cut through the chaos. Thousands of resources are published about Facebook marketing every month. How do you keep up with it all? Answer: You don’t – we do! Stay focused on what matters to your business, and take advantage of this interactive training program purposefully designed to help busy professionals like YOU.
  3. Boost your visibility. Want more people to see your awesomeness on Facebook? Discover how to: inspire more shares, likes, and comments; rock your Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories; and stand out in News Feeds!
  4. Build your buying audience. You need the right Likers. Learn how to attract and engage Likers who will buy what you have to sell, because you’ve become a trusted brand and resource for them.
  5. Get the support you need to succeed. With the Facebook Business Accelerator program, you’ll have access to a Private Facebook Group moderated by us personally, on a daily basis. You’ll also get high-caliber networking, insider secrets, and peer support for customized feedback. Imagine…all your questions, answered by passionate, knowledgeable professionals!
  6. It’s ultra-convenient, too! The Facebook Business Accelerator is designed with your busy world in mind. All the sessions are recorded, so you can watch live if you want, and re-watch them again at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

The Facebook Business Accelerator. Fast, focused, fierce…and all about RESULTS.

It’s super affordable, and it’s the best advanced Facebook training investment you’ll make all year. So get it now! Go to for more details and take control of your Facebook fortunes.

To your success!

Lani and Allen Voivod

Your Allies in Possibility at Epiphanies, Inc.

P.S. The window for the early-bird discount – a whopping 50% off the full price – is running out. Please, take advantage of this unique, ultra-affordable, and terrific opportunity to turbo-boost your Facebook knowledge, know-how, and results.

Don’t wait – register for the Facebook Business Accelerator now!

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