Write Your Release Now! A Press Release Workshop for Women Inspiring Women

by Allen Voivod

Last Thursday, Lani and I had the honor of presenting at “Making the Most of Your Media Moments,” a media relations focused event which also included sessions from Tammy and Steve Boucher (she: Principal of Boucher Public Relations; he: Director of Marketing and Communications for Southern New Hampshire University), and Matt Mowry, Editor of Business NH Magazine.

And talk about a fun time! ;) Leslie Sturgeon, president and founder of Women Inspiring Women (which offered the event to both members and non-members alike), not only knows how to throw a terrific event, she’s created a remarkable organization of professional women – “Cool Chicks,” to borrow her phrase – for networking, empowerment, learning, and joy.

Making Press Release Writing Easy

Our own presentation was on writing press releases, wich we’ve been doing successfully for our own business for years now. So we pulled back the metaphorical curtain, and thoroughly deconstructed two of our own recent press releases – one short form, one long form – to demonstrate the formulas we use in each case, and how we try to leverage the longer-form releases in multiple ways.

If you’ve wanted to write press releases for your business or organization, but haven’t known how to start, been too overwhelmed to take action, or just don’t consider yourself “a writer,” this is for you. Here’s the presentation, for you to go through at your own pace!



For the three-paragraph press release described in the presentation, we have a template to help you build your own similarly short ‘n sweet press releases. Chick here to get it in PDF format. And as for the 7-9 paragraph release, we’ve updated the press release example inside the presentation, and you can also read the PR in its entirety here:

The State of NH on Facebook: Free Report Now Available

Just remember – if writing press releases doesn’t yet come naturally to you, keep these three things in mind:

1. The more you learn about them and actually write them, the better you’ll get.

2. No one ever said you have to write the press release in order. Personally, I write mine nearly backwards, starting with the call to action and ideal audience identification, and leaving the headline and opening “hook-y” paragraph till last, then assemble the thing in the proper order. My way doesn’t have to be your way. But it’s different enough from what we usually hear that we thought it might be worth sharing.

3. Start small and work your way up. Even a three-sentence blurb is better than no media attention at all!


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