Day 30: Taking Inspired Action [31 Days of Possibility]

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod

INSPIRED action. No pressure, right?

We’re already time-crunched and feeling overwhelmed by the choices at our disposal and the tools and resources always throwing themselves at us:

  1. How the heck do we decide what to do in the measly amount of time on our hands…
  2. How the heck do we make sure it’s “INSPIRED”???

Great news! Not only isn’t it as hard as it sounds, it is best when it’s EASY. Not just “not a pain in the neck,” but “EEEEAAASSSYYYY!”

Here’s what you need to know about Inspired Action:

  1. It feels GOOD. Inside. At your core. In your heart. Through your spirit. If there’s a twinkle in your eye or an upturn in your lips when you’re thinking about the Action in question, it’s likely of the Inspired sort.
  2. It feels EASY. Your focus is not on the barriers or the time or the inconvenience or the pain or logistics involved. Your focus shifts to your creative happy place, where everything feels like it can be done lickety-split, whether it actually winds up taking 30 seconds or three hours.
  3. It feels FUN. There’s a giddiness that accompanies it. Suddenly you’re transported to the YOU of 5-10 years old, where you could grab a stick and a rock and be fine for hours, or build a pioneer homestead with your Lincoln Logs for your Barbie Dolls, or play in your blanket fort and know it’s a castle or a spaceship or an igloo, and time didn’t matter, and there were no doubts or critics or naysayers or Opinionators to cramp your style or taint your trip.

Whether you’ve checked out one or all blog posts and/or one or all videos for this 31 Days of Possibility series, you must know this:

If you’re serious about finding your Portals of Possibility and walking through them to create and discover the beautiful, joy-filled, adventure-ridden life you want and deserve, YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.

It’s always, ALWAYS best if it’s Inspired Action. Joy-filled action. Action with a purpose. Action driven by an impulse within you to play, create, grow, love, live, share, reach, connect, expand, ignite, or cause a ruckus.

Our feelings lead us. As we get better and better at Trusting the Process, our instincts and Intuition show us the way.

We’ve been trained to think “HARD” is a virtue. We’ve been convinced by our family, colleagues, and culture to put a premium on struggle and sacrifice and wheel-spinning toil, and to believe they’re the way of the worthy citizen.

These traits, these choices, work for some people. If you’re exploring and hoping to amplify your POSSIBILITIES, there’s a good chance you are not, authentically, one of these people.

Neither am I.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll work my butt off – IF I love what I’m doing. If I don’t love what I’m doing, I get sad, resentful, angry, bitter, confused, spiteful, resistant, negative, rotten, squirmy, sarcastic, and eventually, depressed. It feels wrong, it doesn’t work, and I know it’s a waste of my time on this Earth.

I know this is not what was intended for me, and I know YOU should not be sad, resentful, angry, bitter, confused, spiteful, resistant, negative, rotten, squirmy, sarcastic, and eventually, depressed, either.

Inspired Action is taking the ball and running with an idea, project, or mission when no one asked you to…and loving every minute of it.

It’s stepping outside of your comfort zone and deciding to: Pick up the dusty guitar, call the realtor, dig out your old watercolor paints, write an email to an editor, choose the fabric for your curtains, show your boss the plan you sketched out last weekend, book a much-needed vacation, invite a mentor to lunch, upload a photo to Facebook that shows you in flow doing whatever it is you do best…etc. etc. etc.

Inspired Action is YOU aligned with your Purpose,  Vision, Passion, and Possibilities.

It’s an inside job. You know it when you feel it. And when you feel it, you gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta GOTTA do something about it!

You gotta do something!



That’s the game.

Get the message, feel the nudge – then train yourself to evaluate the scene so fast and with such confidence that whatever you decide to do next is without a shadow of a doubt the exact right thing for you to do.

We’re the conduits of ideas and Possibilities. We hang out on this planet while the ever-flowing stream of  Universal Intelligence flows right over our heads, around our bodies, through our homes and habitats, just waiting for the right body to heed its needs and feel its desires.

Be ready. Be the body. Be the conduit. Let the intention fulfill its destiny!


Sometimes taking Inspired Action is nothing more than watching a quick video about Taking Inspired Action. Here ya go!


YouTube Preview Image


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