Day 23: Belief [31 Days of Possibility]

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod

Day 23: Belief [31 Days of Possibility]

“Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Believe that with your feelings and your work you are taking part in the greatest; the more strongly you cultivate this belief, the more will reality and the world go forth from it.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

“Some things have to be believed to be seen.”  - Madeleine L’Engle

We have traveled over, around, and through some fantastic territory already during these 31 Days of Possibility. And to be honest, there have been many times where I thought I’ve figured out the answer, the key, to busting through our own limits, and more importantly, to exploring, accessing, and expanding our own infinite and wondrous POSSIBILITIES.

From Vision and Passion and setting our Mindset to one of Vigilant Positivity, to the life-changing effects of practicing Gratitude as often as we can – all of these things – all of them! – are essential to the growth and amplification of our divine gifts, power, and Possibilities.

Yet today, today’s topic, today’s theme, may just be the motherload. We may have reached the zenith of The Truth, once and for all.

Today, we bring to the forefront the magic and might of BELIEF.

According to Wikipedia (a perfectly reliable and accurate source of information if there ever was one, ha ha), “Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.”

A lot of people think we’re born into our belief systems. The thinking goes that, for the most part, our Beliefs are determined by our haphazard geography – where and how we’re raised, and by whatever type of social structure that’s most present and influential in our young lives.

But in this short hyper-focused time I’ve had to dive into the behemoth that is Belief, I will tell you my heart is racing, my insides are vibrating, and it feels like my soul is pounding out of wherever our souls like to hang out.

Why? Because the common assumptions about Belief simply aren’t true.

Our core Beliefs are buried deep in our subconscious. They profoundly influence who we think we are, and even more, who we think we can become. These deep-rooted Beliefs wind up not just informing the world around us, but truly determining our lot in life, literally our environment, and what we do with it and in it.

This is a big deal, because our Beliefs are the gatekeepers of our Possibility.

They are the bouncers of our Ultimate Possibility Party. They are the things that either allow us to pass through to the life of our dreams, or they keep us playing small, spiritually bankrupt, in pain, unfulfilled, and all the while thinking we don’t have a choice.

We do have a choice. Biologically, energetically, scientifically – we have a choice.

I’d like you to meet a man named Bruce Lipton.

Bruce spent decades of his life as a respected and ambitious cellular biologist. He’s a former medical school professor and research scientist. For most of his career, he operated under very rigid scientific principles, and a core set of assumptions that his very smart and esteemed colleagues and communities have accepted as truth for some time now. Namely, that the nucleus is the brain of a cell, and the information in that brain determines the cell’s function and destiny.

Turns out this is completely wrong!

It’s the MEMBRANE, not the nucleus, that is the “brain” of the cell.

Why is this important? Because cell membranes have receptors that assess and process the environment in which they live, and it’s this information – the PERCEPTION of the environment – that determines the fate and fortune (or misfortune) of the cell.

We humans are nothing more or less than 50 trillion cells. We – our lives, our “realities” – are a product of these Perception Receptors. Our PERCEPTIONS, which are essentially our BELIEFS, create our reality.

“The way we SEE life, the way we RESPOND to life, changes our genetics and behavior, and also affects the way we live into this world.” – Bruce Lipton

Here, let Mr. Lipton explain it to you himself in this three-minute video, which you can also find on the homepage of his website,


YouTube Preview Image


If you’re curious to go deeper, to learn more about this, I strongly recommend Mr. Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles. It’s an utter and complete paradigm shifter.

If reading isn’t your thing, but you think you could spare a little over an hour to unlock and absorb the secrets of the Belief universe, check out this presentation on YouTube: Biology of Belief – by Bruce Lipton (full documentary).

“You need to believe in things that aren’t true. How else can they become?” – Terry Pratchett

Now maybe, for whatever reason, you’re still on the fence about how important Belief is in the scheme of expanding and amplifying your magnificent Possibilities. Never fear! I’ve hand-selected some pretty compelling people and resources to get you excited and inspired about exploring your Beliefs, re-evaluating the ones guiding your life and results so far, getting rid of the ones that no longer serve your Vision, and adopting ones that’ll unleash your AWESOMENESS, once and for all.

“Believing takes practice.” – Madeleine L’Engle

The first video you simply must check out if you’re into following the mischievous and elusive White Rabbit that is Belief is a fabulous vintage seven-minute video of Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich. The video is a fantastic summary of the tenets of his wildly popular book, complete with the exact step-by-step process of how to get everything you want out of life.


YouTube Preview Image


“Whatever the mind can conceive and BELIEVE, the mind can achieve, regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past, or how lofty your aims and hopes may be.”  – Napoleon Hill

I especially love the beautiful expression of GRATITUDE Hill shares at the end of that video, which he says will seal the deal of your heart’s desires for you if you say it consistently after his manifestation process. Here it is, if you want to read it aloud, just to feel it on your own tongue:

“I ask not, oh Divine Providence, for more riches, but more wisdom with which to accept and use wisely the riches I received at birth in the form of the power to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire.”

Did you feel it? Did it feel silly, or powerful? Are you willing to give it a try? I know I’ll be making it a habit as soon as I can stick it in my cheesecloth-like memory!

Hill’s conviction in that above video, as well as his history with mega mogul Andrew Carnegie, PLUS the 20 years it took him to interview the 500 millionaires that informed the Think and Grow Rich philosophies, is all I need to BELIEVE. :)

“No one’s ready for a thing until they believe they can acquire it. The state of mind must be BELIEF, and not mere hope or wish.” – Bob Proctor, paraphrasing Napoleon Hill

The next guy I’d like to throw in front of you is Bob Proctor.

I first learned about Bob Proctor from The Secret, and since then I’ve heard many people tell me he’s a guy who knows what he’s talking about. In the video below, Mr. Proctor talks about our Belief Systems, and ends with a flair:

“Let me leave you with this idea: Who are you? Find out who you are, and [FINGER SNAP] just like that, take control of your life.”


YouTube Preview Image


“The moment we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability, we will be brittle in the face of adversity.” – Josh Waitzkin, via Eduardo Briceno’s TEDx Talk, “The Power of Belief – Mindset and Success”

Finally, I have to share a snippet I caught from the King of Self-empowerment himself, Mr. Tony Robbins.

“If you honestly BELIEVE in your own capabilities – your capabilities to learn, to change, to adapt, to expand, to achieve personal breakthroughs – then your possibilities in life are literally unlimited. And you know what? You’ll find references to back this up, to make yourself feel even more certain. And all personal breakthroughs, we must remember, begin with a change in our beliefs.” –Anthony Robbins, The Power of Belief

I’d love to know what you think of any or all of these ideas, people, and resources. Does this resonate with you? Did anything click? Are you at least motivated to do a little research on your own? Boy, I hope so…

If you’ve got your own sources and recommendations about Belief and Possibility, by all means, please share them below in the comments!

Meanwhile, check out the video for Day 23: Belief


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