Day 20: Loving Your Allies [31 Days of Possibility]

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod


We’ve got friends. We’ve got family. We’ve got connections and networks, colleagues and cohorts…

And then we’ve got ALLIES.

Allies are really, really special people who play unique and wildly important roles in our lives. Our relationships and exchanges with them exist on a different plane, and abide by different rules, than the typical human interaction.

Allies look like average people, but they are so much more. Part angel, part mentor, part muse, part soulmate, Allies always provide the boost we need to shift us to our next levels.

The sooner we can recognize our Allies from the rest of the people in our lives, the sooner we can begin to understand the magic, power, and purpose-fueled dynamics implicit in our own Hero’s Journey adventure. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I mention the Hero’s Journey, check out Day 7: The Power of Storytelling.)

How can you recognize who your Allies are?

On your social channels, they’re the ones publicly rooting for you, showing support, and adding to your unfolding story in thoughtful and complimentary ways.

Allies text you messages like:

“Keep going!”

“You can do it!”

“Way to go!”

“Thinking of you today…”

“Sending you good vibes!”

“You rock!”

“It’s all possible…”

“Cheers from me!”

“Have fun and be your best!”

“Giddyup – I can’t wait for what’s next!”


Just when you need to hear that exact phrase or sentiment. (Interesting fact: All of those phrases came from one of my own favorite Allies, Ms. Kate Lemay, over the last couple weeks. Aren’t Allies the best?!!!)

Allies pick you up when you’re down, champion you behind your back as a matter of course, and send you notes and cards and sometimes even gifts for no special occasion except to celebrate YOU or something you’re doing that no one else seems to notice or really care about.

And if you’re reeeeaaaaaaaalllllly lucky, Allies act as your editor, content consultant, videographer, tech guru, and giggle partner every single day for a month (or even one and a half decades!) as you’re inventing, creating, experimenting, and gallivanting along your merry way. (Thanks, dearest Allen!)

Allies see you, they get you, on a cosmic level.

They recognize when you’re doing something more than just your job, and they let you know it matters, even when (and especially when) you may not be able to see the forest through the trees.

Allies create opportunities for you, send clients your way, invent scenarios where you can shine, and use their own talents, position, and circumstances to expand and amplify your POSSIBILITIES here on planet Earth.

Weirdly, with our social networks as they are, our Allies aren’t always people we’ve personally met…yet.

Sometimes we have these micro-exchanges plump with meaning and intention that happen at exactly the right time for us, that prod us to take the next step and move forward, with virtual strangers. You know the ones, right? They’re the out-of-the-ordinary notes on Facebook Pages, the unexpected recommendations on LinkedIn, the mentions in blog posts, the tweets from reporters, influencers, and/or passing enthusiasts…

These moments of grace and targeted kindness are no accidents. Allies can be one-act blessings, and still play fairly significant roles in our lives.

Shucks, I have a few people I follow on various social channels – Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and Twitter, especially – who I’ve adopted in my mind and heart as definite Life Allies, even though we’ve never hugged, high-fived, or had lunch. Something about the way they express themselves, how they move in this world, the courage they exhibit in everyday living, and the energy they share based on values that matter to me – these people often come into my mind at moments when I need some guidance, levity, insight, or wisdom, and I believe they make me a better person.

Maybe I’ll meet them some day, or maybe I never will. Still, I do my best to send them blips of positivity on social channels every chance I get, as a no-pressure thank you for their own efforts, vision, and singular vibes.

We must know these extremely special people exist, and we must LOVE them every chance we get.

Whether it’s actively with a card or a message or a phone call, or just holding them in our mind’s eye, or our heart, with full-bodied intention and appreciation, we must LOVE them. Cherish them. Have spontaneous board meetings with them in our minds. Consult them in our imaginations – because we know their advice would be the exact right advice to hear to help us move forward on our strange and compelling zig-zaggy journey.

When it comes to Loving Our Allies, we must treat LOVE like the verbiest verb we can muster.  

“Loving” is an active thing. Show your Allies you’re grateful for them as often and as authentically as you can. Let them know you see them, they matter to you, and you believe in them, too.

There are so many bizarre people out there, flailing around with some wacky energy that doesn’t exactly support us and our goals and dreams, no matter what phase we’re in as we’re working our goals and dreams out.

Allies make up for all those people and then some. They love us for who we are, and they’re essential, monumental, and downright astronomically influential to our quest into POSSIBILITIES.

LOVE THEM. Not only is it good for your karma, soul, and Possibilities, it’s fun and easy to do.

And they deserve it.

Check out the video for Day 20, Loving Your Allies!


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