Day 19: Mobile Magic [31 Days of Possibility]

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod

“In your pocket today, you have more computing power than all the computers that NASA used in the 1960s…NASA used computers to launch Man onto the moon. We use our smartphones to launch Angry Birds at some virtual pigs.” – Tomi Ahonen

One hundred and fifty times.

That’s the average number of times Tomi Ahonen says a typical human checks out his or her mobile devices, every single day.

What the heck are we doing 150 times?

We’re sending and receiving text messages, making phone calls, seeing what time it is, playing music, gaming, engaging on our social media channels, setting alarms, taking pictures, checking our calendars, searching for things on the Web, charging our devices, and doing a few other random things.

At first I wasn’t inclined to believe the number, 150. But then I did a little research on this Tomi Ahonen guy. Turns out he’s more than solid, even though his website is a throwback from 1997. Still, he’s impressively and undeniably obsessed with this mobile stuff, and I have a feeling his numbers are more accurate than the atomic clock itself.

In fact, in January of 2012, Forbes rated Tomi the #1 most influential mobile expert in the world, based on Reach, Resonance and Relevance, thanks to his Communities Dominate blog, his Twitter feed, his videos all around YouTube, his books and ebooks, etc.

Then I found a blog post he published on March 6, 2013, The Annual Mobile Industry Numbers and Stats Blog, which shared so many unfathomable stats about mobile use and penetration that it darn near made my eyeballs pop out of my head.

Look, even though I just met Tomi and have only known him a few short hours, I have a soft spot for him. His passion for and commitment to the mobile space is just awesome. Plus – and this is where he really got me – he writes This data may be freely shared throughout his epic blog post, which means he knows and understands the information he has is bigger than he is. It’s downright revolutionary, if we actually try to absorb it with any effort. So with Tomi’s stated permission, I’m going to share some of the biggies here.

Let’s try to wrap our heads around this, shall we?

Behold these incredible, mind-blowing mobile stats, thanks to Tomi Ahonen:

-       The global count of active mobile subscriptions reached 6.7 Billion at the end of 2012

-       Several countries, led by Hong Kong, are past 200% mobile penetration rate per capita

-       There are 4.3 Billion unique mobile phone owners/users on the planet

-       60.1% of the true alive human population does have at least one mobile phone and at least one mobile account to themselves

-       There are 5.2 Billion mobile phone handsets in use on planet Earth

-       26% of the human population – 1.1 Billion people – walk around with two phones in their pockets

-       22% of all phones in use globally are ‘smartphones’

-       83% of all phones in use are cameraphones – that’s 4.4 billion network-connected cameras at people’s disposal 24/7

-       More than 90% of all humans who have ever taken a picture, have only done so on a cameraphone

-       There were over 1.7 Billion mobile phones sold in 2012

-       Mobile phones connected and in use dwarf any other tech, outnumbering television sets by more than 2 to 1, personal computers of all types, including tablet PCs like the iPad, by more than 4 to 1, and DVD players by 5 to 1

-       The mobile industry grew its revenues by a massive 12% in 2012 and hit 1.45 Trillion US dollars

-       The US is ranked 15th (tied with The Netherlands) in terms of the maturity of its mobile industry (Japan, Singapore, and South Korea are ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively)

-       The US is near 50% smartphone ownership, where Singapore is past 80%

And as if all that isn’t enough:

Drumroll, please….

The “Mobile Moment” is upon us.

The “Mobile Moment”:

 “That point in time when for the first time ever on this planet, a consumer technology will match the human population in size. The planet has 7.1 Billion people and as we grew subscriptions 14% last year, it’s rather clear we will hit that 7.1 Billion number around the summer of 2013.” – Tomi Ahonen

Are you absorbing this? Even if you didn’t bother memorizing any of those stats, did at least one of them grab you by the ears and get you to stand at attention?

Mix those stats with the idea, just the idea, behind the quote I started this post with – that we all hold in our hands on any given day more power than NASA had at their disposal in the 1960s – and the enormity of these times we’re living in has to kick the wind out of your gut sooner or later.

As of the summer of 2013, humans will have as many mobile devices as people – and that number is only going to increase. There is no saturation point!

Our mobile devices are our lives’ companions. For 18-29 year olds, different sources cite they’re averaging anywhere from 60-88 texts every single day. I’ve personally heard several stories where parents have documented records of their teens texting more than 11,000 times per month. (What the heck are they saying 11,000 times??!!!)

But beyond this radical shift in the way we communicate, from actually speaking to each other to trading emoticon-ridden one-word questions and replies, these ever-ready devices play so many other roles.

Artistic roles. Creative roles. Transformative roles. Empowering roles.

There’s the world as we think it is, as it appears in front of us, in its natural form.

And there’s the world through the lens of Mobile Magic.

This is where moments and places and people are captured, colored, played with, altered, and manipulated based on the viewers’ point of view – psychologically, spiritually, literally, and emotionally.

It’s a world influenced and dominated by the unstoppable human urge for self-expression. We have the ability to take these fleeting moments of our lives, add some creative flair to them with something as simple as a filter, music, text, or mashed-up video clips, and then instantly share them with our online communities. Suddenly, these fleeting moments arrive in other people’s consciousness, framed by the intent and singular personality of the moments’ documentarian.

We may not be able to consume all the moments being shared with us by our friends, colleagues, and communities during any given hour of any given day, but the ones that break through the content-streaming chaos do impact us in both small and profound ways.

No matter how banal or benign, these shared moments broaden our notion of what’s possible – both for us individually and us as a race. They also broaden our ability to assimilate the similarities and differences among us all.

We play together, build worlds together, stay in touch, and get into competitive word games together.

We recommend restaurants and products, upload the food on our plates for others to see, and check into our favorite locations.

We are constantly and happily armed with free and low-cost apps that allow us to be the Inventor-Creator-Explorer-Cinematographer-Designer-Organizer-Documentarian-DJ-Gamer-Dreamer-Doer of our own lives.

The technology is skyrocketing exponentially every few months, and digital natives are so used to this prolific access and awesomeness that they hardly notice the power at their disposal, and are perfectly happy spending hours playing games like “Plants vs. Zombies.” (Yes, that’s a real game. My son played it all day today, a snow day. Plants. Versus. Zombies. I simply cannot make this up!)

The point is, this whole mobile thing is a GINORMOUS paradigm shift for humankind.

As we add to the incredible proliferation of mobile technologies the other ideas we’ve touched upon during these 31 Days of Possibility

How each of us has a Purpose

And we’re all bundles of beautiful, vibrating Energy

How we are ever becoming the Storytellers of our own lives and experiences…

And we’re better than ever at merging our Vision and Personal Brands with our incredible capacity for Creativity, Imagination, and Dreaming

How The Social Realm is gifting us with the perfect environment for Discovery, Making Conscious Connections, and Quantum Serendipity

We get to marvel at the fact of our incredible good fortune:

Humanity’s Tipping Point is upon us, and we get to be here to not only witness it, but be a huge part of it!

There’s no denying it. The human/tech Tipping Point has indeed arrived. WE have arrived, at a place on the evolutionary chart where we are catapulting our potential and superpowers by leaps and bounds, not by the millennium, but by the minute. (!!!!)

The POSSIBILITIES are literally beyond the fringe of our comprehension – unless of course, someone makes an app for that. Then we’ll be all set. :)


Check out the Mobile Magic video, rocking Day 19 of the 31 Days of Possibility!


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