Day 17: Making Conscious Connections [31 Days of Possibility]

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod


“We are moving from unconscious evolution through natural selection to conscious evolution by choice.” – Barbara Marx Hubbard

Not so long ago, most of our bios as humans went something like this:

We were born in a certain town or city, and the people in that specific geographic location were the people who raised us, taught us, and told us what the “reality” of the world was about. These geographic guides and fellow journeymen of happenstance essentially defined the small world we inhabited, what we could and could not do, and whom we should or should not become.

Most of us believed them. Why?


1) They seemed like decent enough people,

2) It was easier to go along with the community that surrounded us than to question or defy it, and

3) Not a lot of conflicting information made it into our spheres, unless we were really determined to pursue other ideas and possibilities.

This is not our reality anymore.

The Internet has conquered the limits of geographic, intellectual, and spiritual collaboration, radically opening up access to information, access to communities with shared passions, and access to the magic that happens when like minds find each other, and decide to grow and build and explore together.

Our capacity to make and forge Conscious Connections with people who inspire us, “get” us, and help us evolve to new and better energetic vibrations, to increased alignment with our own Passions and Purpose, is at an all-time high.

This. Is. Soooooooo. Freakin’. COOLl!!!

We can sit at our desk, on our couch, in a coffee shop, in our car, at the beach, in a chair lift, in a dance club, on a train, and/or at the junction of Probability and POSSIBILITY, and we can: Connect with, discover, and actively reach out to and share ideas from people who evolve our thinking, incite action within us, and ignite our impulse for Conscious Evolution.


“Due to the increased power given us through science and technology, we are learning how nature works – the gene, the atom, the brain. We are affecting our own evolution by everything we do. With these new powers we can destroy our life support systems … or we can move toward a hope-filled future of immeasurable possibilities.

“We are the generation of choice

“In simple terms, Conscious Evolution takes place when we intend to grow in consciousness and use our increasing awareness to guide our actions and achieve a positive future.” – From Barbara Marx Hubbard and

Intention. YES. One of the vital keys to unlocking the power and thrill of making Conscious Connections is by way of INTENTION.

The physical act of Intention toward making Conscious Connections in our hyper-connected world is easier than ever. In fact, it may be so innocuous we hardly recognize it for its impact and importance, but it is definitely there.

What message, photo, or video did you “LIKE” today on Facebook? What article or quote did you tweet? What comments have you added to blogs, events, FB Pages, or any social activity that cruised into your peripheral vision?

Each of these seemingly miniscule acts builds up over time – in our own minds and hearts, in the algorithms of the channels on which we play, and in the subconscious of the folks who are tapped into our online personas.

Any given moment of any given day, we’re either spending our time and energy:

1)   Moving away from what we don’t want (an act which sounds productive, but actually keeps us constantly and eternally anchored to a past that doesn’t serve us, AND one we want nothing to do with anymore!

2)   Moving toward a better vision and version of our True Selves and our lives.

We cannot do both. We must CHOOSE, actively and as passionately as possible, every moment of every day. We do this by a commitment to our Intention, and through making Conscious Connections.

“When you put together our full potential – spiritual, social, and scientific/technological – you see a quantum jump, a new species, a universal humanity that in fact may embody many of the characteristics of spiritual visions of life beyond this world… a new heaven and a new Earth…” – Barbara Marx Hubbard

By the way, if you haven’t heard of Barbara Marx Hubbard before, now is the best time ever to invite her into your consciousness.

I was introduced to Barbara by way of Kate Lemay, Evolutionary Artist, Conscious Creator, and Joy Addict.

In 2012, Kate Lemay painted 4,000 unique and Intention-fueled paintings moving up and through the Chakra System. By the end of 2012, Kate displayed a portion of this massive work in the Healing Room of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, at the Shift Network’s Birth 2012 event, featuring – guess who? – Barbara Marx Hubbard. I was with Kate at this extraordinary event, an amazing gift in the name of Conscious Connection, to be sure.

So Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ph.D is a visionary futurist and evolutionary educator. She is the cofounder and chair of the board of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and cofounder of the Association for Global New Thought and The World Future Society, as well as one of the central thought leaders behind the extraordinary Birth 2012 Campaign.

Through her lifetime’s bold and fearless body of work and her determination to tell the story of a victorious and awakened humanity, she is inextricably linked to the tenets and exponential power and POSSIBILITIES of creating and forging Conscious Connections.

To tap into the might and magic of making Conscious Connections, we must have a deep trust and faith in the idea that more is going on than meets the eye right now. Yes, NOW. Literally.

We must also know that small acts of kindness and consciousness, especially when done with Intention, DO MATTER. We are ENERGY. We are vibrational beings existing together in this world, and even something as simple as clicking “LIKE’ or sharing positive and powerful art and ideas across our social channels builds over time. It nudges the overall trajectory of human evolution and potential.

Our connections are being mapped and analyzed in databases, and informing the information and insights that find their way to us in the not-so-distant future.

Ideas find each other and build off of each other.

People find each other in non-linear ways.

People and ideas mix and mingle online, offline, and outside the grid of time and space as we know it.

It’s a beautiful thing, really.

The IMPULSE TO EVOLVE is within us, both biologically and spiritually.

As more and more of us become Consciously Connected, this impulse helps us bring to life the future our best Selves are capable of, one built on love and peace, compassion and co-creation.

A beautiful thing, indeed.


Check out the video for more about making Conscious Connections!


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