Day 14: Dreaming [31 Days of Possibility]

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod


Well, this is a dream come true!

Allen, my handsome and blessedly patient husband, just overheard me mumbling about how I should approach today’s theme about DREAMING, and how it fits into our current quest to expand and amplify our INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. Minutes later, he shot me an email with a link in it.

Turns out I already wrote pretty much exactly what I wanted to write in today’s blog post…five years ago. Here it is:

Dreaming: What’s the point?

In fact, I was so passionate about the ideas in that blog post, we had Stacey Lucas (the incomparable talent and playful visionary behind and Veggie Art Girl Boutique in Holderness, NH) design a poster around it, visually immortalizing the message and energy.

Here’s a blog-sized version of the poster, which hangs on our office wall:



I’m sharing this creative breadcrumb trail with you because it’s kind of reinforcing a lot of the things we’ve been covering during these 31 Days of Possibility

Like how the path of FOLLOWING OUR BLISS is clear and eternal and even unshakable, if we’re willing to pay attention to clues and cues that pop up repeatedly.

Like how TRUSTING THE PROCESS often shows us things in new lights, reminds us of delights we may have forgotten, and helps us arrive at places and opportunities at exactly the right time.

Like how inextricably linked VISION and IMAGINATION are with CREATIVITY, YOUR PERSONAL BRAND, and revealing and rediscovering YOUR PURPOSE.

And like how DREAMING has a way of tying it all together for us, always. 

We spend one-third of our lives asleep. In this way, we are exactly like our smart phones.

We and our smart phones can do so much – take pictures, make phone calls, shoot movies, play Angry Birds, check Facebook, send tweets, set alarms, have heart-to-hearts with Siri, GPS the heck out of any location, obsessively text our friends, lovers, and family members – but sooner or later, we have to put ourselves in the charger and reboot ourselves.

Our dreams are our chargers. They’re the place where everything in our minds, all the input and experiences of the day, gets sorted out.

Our dreams help us rejigger the massive amounts of information we download every day so our subconscious can attempt to make sense of this world and our role in it.

Our dreams are like our soul’s Switzerland.

They serve as the safe, neutral in-between land where we can work out our fears, explore our fascinations, and dive into ideas that may or may not be acceptable for public expression or consumption.

Whether you remember your dreams upon waking or not, they’re happening. They’re essential to our own growth and evolution as human beings, and they’re goldmines of inner wisdom, guidance, creativity, and POSSIBILITY for our waking selves.

The importance of our dreams and the role they serve in our lives has been majorly downplayed. It’s like having a Ferrari in our garage, but only ever using our scooter to travel from place to place, because it’s easier, and we don’t really understand the power we have under the hood, sitting in that garage, waiting to take us for the ride of our lives.

Luckily, the power of our dreams and what we can do with them seem to be emerging into the mainstream for our thoughtful consideration, slowly but surely. One great example is this two-minute video by AsapScience called “The Science of Lucid Dreaming.” Check it out:


YouTube Preview Image


Our brains are magnificent cauldrons of vast and mystifying potential. The more we experiment with them, stir the ingredients, and learn how to fine-tune our unique Potions of Possibility, the more magic we can invite into and create during our waking lives.

“Dream on, dream on, dream on, dream on ‘til your dreams come true!” – Aerosmith

As it says in that poster up there:

It’s your life’s mission to:

  • Dream well
  • Dream often
  • Dream big
  • Dream with passion and purpose
  • Dream with love, compassion, and sincerity…

…And live your dream.

Dare to do it. It’s your life’s mission, after all. :)

Now check out this dreamy video:


YouTube Preview Image


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