DAY 1: Possibility! [31 Days of Possibility]

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod


Hi. I’m Lani Voivod, and I’ve had a creative hairball stuck in my head and heart for a couple of years now.

Two years ago, I wrote down the words “X Days of Possibility” in my notebook, and jotted down whatever came to mind. It looked cool. It excited me. I was curious about it. I imagined it as a video series, and maybe some blog posts.

And then it just stayed there, in my notebook.

Every week (and probably every day) since then, this loose idea has been squatting in my brain. Sometimes it was just a vague nagging feeling. Other times I’d get flashes of images, words, songs, passionate riffs – all around the ideas around possibility.

Within a year, Allen and I stepped into our new titles, “Allies in Possibility” of Epiphanies, Inc. It felt good. It felt right. We felt like more than anything, more than social media or online marketing or content strategy or brand storytelling, we’re really in the business of sharing WHAT’S POSSIBLE in this digital age with our clients, collaborators, and audiences.

As champions of the almighty “A-Ha!” we feel aligning with POSSIBILITY is closer to the truth of what we do and how we do it.

Focus on POSSIBILITY, and your chances of seeing new solutions, connecting with awesome like-minded collaborators, and exploring great new opportunities increases exponentially.

Which brings me to two weeks ago.

Thanks to my Tivo, I caught an interview between Oprah and Marianne Williamson on Super Soul Sunday. As usual, Marianne was on fire… And then she started talking about the difference between PROBABILITY and POSSIBILITY.

PROBABILITY has a trajectory, all based on our past and the actions (or non-actions) we’ve taken. If nothing changes and we keep doing the same things, going in the same direction, there’s a high PROBABILITY we’re going to get the same results.

POSSIBILITY, on the other hand, is infinite.

POSSIBILITY is alive and electric and fun and unknown, and I believe this shift in focus is positively ripe for the times we live in. I believe if we understand the difference, we can choose POSSIBILITY and open up amazing opportunities we never dared dream possible.

Social marketing. Creativity. Purpose. Passion. Brand-building. Storytelling. Vision. Discovery. Mobile media. Intuition. Quantum Serendipity.

All these things (and more) are part of the game, and they’re the driving forces behind people like YOU, the big thinkers, bold dreamers, and daring doers who are forging new paths for success and innovation in our amazing, lightning-paced world.

So for me, for us, right now, POSSIBILITY is following these all-powerful “What if?” questions:


What if I get some of these nagging thoughts together, get over my silly fears and insecurities, and share the journey for a whole month with anyone who wants to tune in?

What if I use the tools and platforms we all have at our disposal – these glorious connection machines that my husband and I have literally built a business from and around – and explore the tenets of POSSIBILITY with YOU, here, now, whenever “here and now” may happen for you?

What if, during this open-ended adventure, I inspire a few beautiful souls to step out of their comfort zones as I’m stepping out of mine, so they can do the work and play the parts they were born and destined to do?

It’s this hope and vision that’s driving this experiment: 31 Days of Possibility.

For the next 30 days, I’m going to throw some ideas your way. These ideas are intended to expand our thinking, remind us of brilliant and fabulous things we already know but may have forgotten, and shake up our thoughts of what’s possible for us all.

I’ll be working from three core beliefs:

1)   What we focus on expands.

2)   We’re all perfectly imperfect, exactly as we are.

3)   NOW is the best time ever to let go of the PROBABLE and step into the wild, wonderful world of WHAT’S POSSIBLE.

Sound good? Great.

I have a tiny little homework assignment for you. Get a notebook or journal and a few favorite pens or Sharpies, and jot down a few things as we cruise along this path together. Write down ideas and insights that grab your attention, and see if there’s an action step you’re inspired to take from whatever the theme is for the day.

After all, we are HERE, spinning on this orb together, sharing this jolly ride. Might as well have fun while we can!

I’ll be sharing these videos on our YouTube channel, Pinterest Page, Instagram, and on LinkedIn, Google+, Vine, and our Twitter feeds, too: @LaniVoivod, @AllenVoivod, @EpiphaniesInc, @AhaSummit, @AhaYourself. And if you’ve got questions or feedback, or just want to share some of your own experiences (and hopefully your big “A-Ha!” moments along the way), come on over to our Epiphanies, Inc. Facebook Page and chime in. Allen and I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for tuning in to this series, for saying “YES!” to this adventure…and to your vast and wondrous POSSIBILITIES!

Here’s the video I shot for Day 1: Possibility!


YouTube Preview Image


  • Sheila

    Lani, you are fun and uplifting, as always. Thank you for sharing!

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  • Maureen Cioni

    Love that I found this. I am looking for my next possibility. :-)

  • Frank DA Tank

    Today I’m starting over I am a new person. Thank you:)

  • Lani Voivod *A-Ha!*

    I absolutely adore you, Maureen. Thank you. xoxo

  • Lani Voivod *A-Ha!*

    Thank you, Sheila!

  • Lani Voivod *A-Ha!*

    I hope it’s going well for you, Frank!

  • Maureen Cioni

    The feeling is mutual Lani!

  • Waruna Prasad Madusanka


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