The 5 Areas That Make Up SEO’s 80/20 Rule

by Allen Voivod

Coming to fix your website and social SEO!Giving your website an SEO tune-up? Want to make sure you get the biggest search engine optimization bang for the least amount of effort? There are five areas of your website’s pages – easily within your control, or the control of any web developer with basic skills – to which you should pay attention.

In fact, if you handle these five areas well, you’ll hit the 80/20 Rule’s sweet spot. That is, you’ll get 80% of your potential SEO value for just 20% of the total effort you could put into optimizing your website (and social media channels!) for search.

It’ll take less than four minutes to bring you up to speed. And if you can’t see the video below, you can also watch it on our YouTube channel – and please subscribe while you’re there, so you can get updates when we release more videos like this one!


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