Online Reviews: Ways to Get Them, and Never Pay for Them [Video]

by Allen Voivod

Amazon Reviews for Argo, Academy-Award-Winning Best Picture, as of 2/28/13

Online reviews are an essential part of doing business these days. From Amazon to the App Store, Google to Yelp, eBay to Trip Advisor and dozens of places in between, positive reviews can help you drive sales.

But as much as you want to get more reviews – and of course, more of the positive reviews – don’t be tempted to pay people to give them to you. Just a couple of months ago, ABC News reported a story about Yelp slapping warning labels on company pages that paid for positive reviews.

Yelp is actively ferreting out these situations, because it’s a threat to their own business. Their logic: If you can’t trust Yelp reviews, would you keep relying on Yelp as a source for finding good restaurants, hotels, and so on? Nope. You’d drop Yelp in a heartbeat. So Yelp is fighting back against the people paying for positive reviews, and you can bet other sites that solicit and rely on reviews to build customer trust are doing the same thing.

Now, what can you do as a business to get more reviews, and get them honestly? Here’s a quick (2 minutes, 46 seconds) video with 3 tips about doing just that, along with another big reason why paying for reviews is a bad, baaaaaad idea.

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