The End of Social Media As We Know It [Video]

by Allen Voivod

In 2013, social media is finally going to take its rightful place alongside the rest of the world’s useful business tools. And when it does, your job isn’t going to be about “social media,” just like your job now isn’t about “Excel,” or “Salesforce,” or “MySQL,” or “insert-your-platform-of-specialty-here.”

As it cuts across corporate functions (sales, R&D, support, intelligence, marketing, etc.) and fully assimilates into the communications arsenal of small businesses, non-profits, and government agencies, people will still have to learn how to “do” social media as part of their work. But more importantly than ever, success depends on the “being” side of the equation.

Who are you, what do you love, and why do you do it for a living?

For the social-media-themed PechaKucha event held by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, I did my best to pack these ideas into the 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide requirements of the PechaKucha format. Got an index card nearby, like the one I’m waving in the photo? Use it to write down your own answer to the question posed 2/3rds of the way through the video embedded here. Then share it in the comments, if you’re game…or tell us, where do YOU think social media is going in 2013?


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