Connecting Business and Clients Through Social Media

by Allen Voivod

Do you know someone who’s used social media as part of their job search strategy? Or companies that used social media to evaluate candidates, and even recruit already-employed candidates away from their current jobs?

Allen Voivod presenting at the NH Works Conference

It’s happening on an ever-greater scale, and to help workforce development businesses and agencies get a handle on it, we put together this presentation for the annual private NH Works Conference earlier this month. 200 professionals from around the state converged on the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord for this day-long event. (That’s me setting up in a hurry – they had to move us into an auditorium because of the demand for the session!)

Not Just for Jobs Professionals

Even if you’re not in the job hunt, or you’re not looking to hire an employee, you’ll get great value out of the tips and tricks you’ll find in “Connecting Business and Clients Through Social Media,” embedded below. You’ll also get a picture of how pervasive the use of social media has become…and it might get you thinking about how the world sees YOU and your biz when they go online and get social.

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And now, the presentation. If you’re reading this in a place that won’t pull through the embedded Slideshare information, you can also get the same tips, tricks and data directly at Slideshare. (And if you have an account there already, hook up with us while you’re there!)

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