Where does social marketing stop and success begin?

by Lani & Allen


Here’s a question for you:

Where do you draw the line?

In our work today, we talk to businesses and organizations about “Social Marketing and Success Strategies.” Technically speaking, these are two very different topics. “Social marketing” is all about engaging with your target audience with the new and ever-expanding palate of social media tools out there. (And note the word “engaging,” as opposed to simply “broadcasting” your message.)

Then there are “Success Strategies,” which are more about the mental game of being in business for oneself, deciding to become a lifestyle entrepreneur, or being the leader of a mission-driven organization. It’s about who you are, how you evolve, the risks you take, and the commitments you make.

As it happens, there’s overlap between the two, and a lot of it happens at the “A-Ha!” intersection.

Since re-branding in 2006, we defined the “A-Ha!” as “Bold Insight + Joy-filled Action = Powerful, Profitable Results.” The fact is, you can’t separate the feeling from the action. And the results you get often reflect the balance between them. Feel bold, act scared? Usually weak results. Feel desperate, take massive action? Usually no results. Feel bold, act confidently? You’ve got better chances than either of the other two for success.

Even if success doesn’t come walking in the front door, look over to the window. Bound to be a pleasant surprise over there.  ;)

So ask yourself today, “Where do I draw the line between how I feel and what I do?” Don’t be surprised if you can’t tell for sure where you end and the work begins.

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