Agent of Karma: Hilary Niles of Niles Media

by Lani & Allen

It’s always great to get an email that says, “You two rock!” It’s even better to get it roughly six minutes after the end of a free teleclass you’ve just delivered.

nilesmediaThat’s exactly what happened this past Wednesday, when we held the “6-Step Social Media Kick Start” call (you can access the call replay here). Hilary Niles of Niles Media dropped us a line with some very kind words, just as Lani and I had gotten a couple glasses of water and sat down to breathe post-call.

She also generously said “Yes” to our request to be allowed to share her full-blown thoughts and impressions with you (thank you, Hilary!):

I’d say first and foremost I just love how clear it is that you two operate as a team.  Picking up each others’ thoughts, complementing each others’ styles, spreading the focus of your message between the two of you.  That’s what I heard, anyway, and I loved it.

I also appreciate that you make the whole realm of social media feel accessible.  You position yourselves as the experts, but not by divination or some secretive method.  By trial and error, you have amassed an enormous amount of knowledge, and it appears that you continue to do so.  I suppose it just boils down to being human, being happy to admit it, and making that a measure of success rather than excuses.

Another great comment that cannot be overstated—although nothing could be more simple or obvious—is that learning these social media tools is a matter of simply investing in one’s own professional development.  And that development, for the serious professional, is ongoing.

Finally, I’m left with the impression that you both are really just being yourselves.  Lani said something to the effect of encouraging everyone else to do the same—to find your core and stand firmly in your talents, passions and expertise.  I love that, and again it’s a message that is so fundamental and obvious, yet often gets overlooked.

And this was the second email she sent to us, after we asked if she’d elaborate on what resonated with her from the call.

Thank you, Hilary. Honestly, I don’t think we could have been gifted a better testimonial even if we had written it ourselves.  ;)

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