6 Steps to Social Media Success – launching July 20th!

by Lani & Allen

We can’t help but be excited about where business marketing is going in 2009 and beyond. Social media tools are here to stay, they’re growing in power, popularity and potential, and they put everyone on about as level a playing field as you could ever hope to see in the business world.

Considering all that, and based on our own passions (as well as the needs of our clients and friends), we’ve begun building the training side of our social marketing & success strategies business. The following program announcement is big news for us in that regard.

Also, on a side note: We’re aware that the “A-Ha!” blog in recent weeks has become a bit “me-me-me,” which on the one hand is great – we’ve had some wonderful news to reveal and tremendous opportunities to share. On the other hand, we realize it’s going to get boring fast if we continue in this vein without ramping up the non-promo content as well.

So let me just simply say “Thank you” to everyone who’s expressed kinds words of congratulations and encouragement these past few weeks, and know that you can still count on the”A-Ha! blog for tips, tricks, ‘n strategies to boost your visibility, reach, competitive edge, and results.  ;)

Six Week Social Media Program Helps Businesses Get Strategic, Virtual Training on Web 2.0 Marketing
LACONIA, NH (PR.com) – Social media is becoming a must for all businesses, regardless of size, no matter who their customers are, and without waiting to see which platforms will be around five years from now and which ones will be gone this time next week.

But as increasing numbers of entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and key players in mission-driven organizations consider the realm of social media, there are choices they can make to speed up their learning curve, leverage their time and resources, and make concrete, rapid progress with their efforts.

To help these forward-thinking professionals, social marketing firm Epiphanies, Inc. is launching the “Social Media Kick Start Virtual Boot Camp.” The series of six webinar-style learning modules will be released weekly starting Monday, July 20th, 2009.  Registration for the Virtual Boot Camp is $197, and the registration form with event details is online at http://www.EpiphaniesInc.com/6StepSocial.

“We’ve been inspired by feedback from people we’ve met at networking events and speaking engagements, plus the inquiries we’ve received from clients, partners, friends and fellow business owners, to create this program,” says Lani Voivod, co-owner and Content Lover at Epiphanies, Inc. “The Social Media Kick Start Virtual Boot Camp is designed to help you start using social marketing platforms powerfully, practically, and with confidence that your efforts will deliver tangible results.”

Lani, along with her husband and business partner Allen Voivod, will also hold two live question-and-answer sessions by teleconference during the six-week program. Boot camp attendees can submit questions in advance, and will receive digital recordings of these Q&A sessions, along with lifetime access to the webinar-style modules.

“We’ll start with a Social Marketing 101 session that provides an overview of tools, tips, and tactics for success with social media,” Allen says. “From there, we cover the four platforms that are indispensible to any professional’s social media presence – blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

“And in the last module, we cover implementation and integration strategies. These are the most powerful ideas in the whole series – covering the ways to reach multiple audiences in the places they want to be reached, without requiring you to spend your entire day lost in the social media atmosphere just to keep up.”

Attendees of the Social Media Kick Start Virtual Boot Camp will also receive a Boot Camp “Starter Pak,” micro-guides for each module, plus templates and checklists Epiphanies developed for social media success in their own business and their work with corporate, government, and small business clients.

About Epiphanies, Inc.
Lani & Allen Voivod, the Content Lovers of Epiphanies, Inc., help entrepreneurs, global brands, and mission-driven organizations learn and use social marketing and success strategies to boost visibility, community, competitive edge, and profits. Get their Free 19-page Special Report, “37 Easy Ways to Boost Biz Visibility, Revenue, & Results With Twitter,” at www.EpiphaniesInc.com/twitter.

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