Vote for your fave “Headless Chicken” PSA video, get a gift from us…and maybe more!

by Lani and Allen

You know, life and biz are getting so screwy, so nutty, so unpredictable and wacky and scary and tangled these days, aren’t they? The economy, social networking, Mercury in retrograde…who can soak it all in, let alone keep up with it?

So we just decided to chuck convention once and for all and start having as much fun as possible while doing everything we can to reach like-minded imperfect-preneurs and biz owners who also want to forge the dream life they know they’ve got in ‘em.

That said, we present to you a special series of Public Service Announcements to Fight HCS, or …

Headless Chicken Syndrome: Don't let it happen to you!

Headless Chicken Syndrome: Don't let it happen to you!

S Y N D R O M E ! ! ! ! ! !

As you may have inferred, Headless Chicken Syndrome is a serious affliction that spares few (if any!) small biz owners. Essentially, it’s when we need to get more revenue and results in our biz, but instead of getting smart, focused, and Down ‘n Dirty with our energy and marketing efforts, we run around like chickens with our heads cut off, plowing time, money, and resources into systems and strategies that never pay off.

Or, because everything we do is fueled by a panicked desperation, we don’t have the time or patience to give them a fighting chance to pay off. Believe us, this ruthless Syndrome is a cold, cruel biz killer!

Below you’ll find four, er, unusual videos – each just 30 seconds long. Please:

  1. Take a look at all four of them (It’ll take you 2-3 minutes, max)
  2. Pick your favorite one
  3. In 140 characters or less (in honor of Twitter tweets!), explain in the blog comment field why your favorite is  the best PSA video to advance the awareness of and fight against HEADLESS CHICKEN SYNDROME.
Winner gets our new *Down 'n Dirty Marketing Planning* program...for free!

Winner gets our new *Down 'n Dirty Marketing Planning* program...for free!

Everyone — yes, EVERYONE — who takes the time to watch the vids and share a 140-character-or-less opinion on his or her fave by Feb. 15th, 2009 will get a link to the MP3 recording of a teleclass we did in December: “12 Days of Biz Success: A Dozen Must-know Trends & To-do’s for a Powerful, Profitable 2009,” which isn’t available anywhere else…plus our “A-Ha!” Success Kit and a free subscription to our “Inciter” ezine.


The person who shares the BEST reason or justification for choosing his or her fave HCS video PSA gets the cure for Headless Chicken Syndrome – our brand new ***Down ‘n Dirty Marketing Planning*** program – absolutely FREE.

And YES, by all means, make fun of them, make fun of us, have a laugh, chuckle, or chortle…It’s pretty obvious we’re more than a little stir crazy in this snowed-in NH winter season.

Ready to get your judge’s hat on? Okay, here you go! (And THANK YOU in advance for casting your vote!)

PSA #1 ==== “HCS: The Silent Killer (”

YouTube Preview Image

PSA #2 ==== “Imperfect-preneurs:”

YouTube Preview Image

PSA #3 ==== “ (Any Questions?)”

YouTube Preview Image

PSA #4 ==== “ (Admit the Problem)”

YouTube Preview Image

And in case you’re wondering, we created all the videos sometime between 10pm and 3am last Saturday night with Yes, we really should consider getting a life, but then we’d have to pay a babysitter. :)

  • Jack Dalton

    psa#4 “admit the problem”: It reflects thoughtfully upon the – oh wait! – BRB! – Just remembered there’s a million things I gotta do! – OMG!

  • Andrea

    It’s gotta be #2; Alan’s voice is clearer and the money part is huge: wasted, lost, and not making it.

  • stacey lucas

    I like #1 & #2 because they specifically mention things we are doing in business that could resultin HCS. I keep going back and forth on my favorite, FAVORITE one…I think it might be #2. :) I’m going to go watch again…

    Yes, it’s #2.

    But they’re all great! Nice work!

  • Holly Davis

    PSA #1: “Twilight Zone” theatrics fueling mass modern-day paranoia! Priceless!

  • Tammy

    I’m torn between #4 & #1 as my favorite. But #1 with it’s “… Vile Stench of Desperation”… really caught my attention! Sadly funny, but true.

  • Sherri

    Tough call, but I choose #3 – it scared the noodles right out of me! Mindset matters…this poor little innocent chicken doesn’t stand a chance without attitude and knowledge. Got pluck?

  • Fanberg

    I like 3.

    Because it is evil.


  • Robin Gallagher

    I would totally choose #1 because of the knife…no really, I can relate my world and work to lack of follow through and the every day panic of the economy. It cracked me up.

  • Sheri

    Toss up between #3 and #4. I just loved the chicken in the pan – I cracked up! But I liked the message in #4.

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  • Becky Cortino

    PSA#4 communicates your idea succinctly and completely, in just a small bite. The core message of this PSA is more universal, pointing out the problem many business people might otherwise miss (due to HCS), and of course — the solution!

  • Becky Cortino

    #4 Communicates idea succinctly/completely, in a small bite. Core is message more universal, pointing out problem + of course, solution!


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  • Ami D’Amelio

    #1 for sure – very clever and contains actual things small business owners worry about. Great fun!

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