“And what is the charge for the session, please?”

by Lani and Allen

deborahbeattyYesterday, DeBorah Beatty left a quick comment on our blog post about our 2-for-1 “A-Ha!” Strategy Sessions special offer (which expires 11:59 pm on Saturday, January 31st or for the first 10 people to take advantage of the offer, whichever comes first!). DeBorah’s question was simple, really. She wanted to know how much we charge for these Strategy Sessions. We emailed her directly, and today we’re sharing that email here in its entirety for two reasons:

1. Just in case anyone else has been wondering the same thing.
2. To give DeBorah an extra bit of visibility for asking the question in the first place. ;)

Here’s the deal…

Hi DeBorah,

Thanks for asking about our Strategy Sessions! They’re normally $300 eachfull deets are here, and you can reserve your sessions here. To make it easier, I’ve also pasted details about Strategy Sessions below my signature block.

Hey, wanted to let you know that Lani and I really enjoyed your “Five Ways I Will (NOT) Screw Up 2009” blog post. We were surprised neither of us had ever heard of the “Oughta-Pilot” phrase – it’s a good play on words, and very relatable. How’s your “creating a plan and sticking to it” goal? That’s never easy for those of us who enjoy the “bright ‘n shinies”, as you call them. The one we connected with most was your first declaration: “I will not stop just short of success.” Yes! So true.

In fact, we both just re-read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Have you read it? In it he shares an anecdote about a guy who took off to California with the whole gold rush gang. Unfortunately, he hit some rough patches and ultimately decided he had to throw in the towel. According to Hill’s anecdote, it turns out the guy quit just three feet away from this incredible vein of gold that was worth bazillions. So all through January, Lani and I keep bantering about our own vein of gold, and how we’re determined to dig until we strike it, so to speak. Turns out this has been quite motivating for us, and many exciting opportunities are coming through for us because this whole “We will not stop three feet away from the treasure!” battle cry has kept us focused and gritty in our doggedness. Whatever happens, DeBorah, don’t you dare stop digging! :)

If you have any other questions, just drop me a line. We hope we have the opportunity to help you discover and dig up your own goldmine, whatever that may be. Think of it this way – you’re a speaker/trainer for a reason. You’ve got things to say and share, and there are people out there who should – and need to! – know your message. Whenever those bright ‘n shinies try to distract you, think of all those people who you’re meant to teach and inspire, and keep going strong.

Allen (& Lani)

And we sincerely hope YOU are one of the few folks we get to help at our 50% off rate. We don’t know if we’ll be making this offer again this year, so if you’re tempted to take advantage of this opportunity, don’t wait until it’s too late!

One-on-one consulting, a written summary report of the call that includes specific tips and next-step recommendations, and the option to have the session recorded so you can listen to it later…PLUS another FREE session later in 2009, whenever you want or need it. This 2-for-1 opportunity is a really sweet deal, if we do say so ourselves.

Not to mention it’s a great way to help you “A-Ha! Yourself” – put some happy action behind your boldest insights to get your message, mission, and vision OUT THERE to your ideal audience, while getting the revenue and results you want and deserve!

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