Dreaming: What’s the point?

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod

Back in 2003, we had a dream:

To escape the constricting cubicles of corporate America, get out of Dodge (or in our case, Los Angeles), and build a business together that could support a family and a lifestyle so we could enjoy both to the greatest extent possible.

It wasn’t an original dream. Billions of dollars of man hours are lost in corporations worldwide to those who daydream within their cubicle confines.

And, maybe because it’s such a common daydream, more than a few people openly shared with us the “fact” that we wouldn’t be able to live a happy, financially sustaining, creatively fulfilling life out of a major metropolis’s arms’ reach.

Thank goodness we ignored those people – even though many were good friends, trusted confidantes, and even trusted mentors. Because that little, unoriginal dream has come true, and continues to unfold to bigger and better possibilities seemingly by the hour.

And this is what we know for sure:

Dreaming makes all things possible.

It is not a frivolous act.

It’s not something reserved for the idle, the impotent, the naive, or the lazy.

It’s the cornerstone for all progress. The key to all things good and beautiful in this life.

Room to Dream.

Permission to Dream.

The Tools to Dream.

The Freedom to Dream.

Time to Dream.

We need these things as much as we need air and water. We need them to live, love, grow, and become who we were meant to be.


A dream is nothing more or less than a vision of how things could be. It’s one possible reality.

It’s hope and faith with colors and details.

It’s creativity unbridled.

It’s the human spirit at its best, without worries, fears, bills, illness, doubt, and anything else that falls into the category of the soul’s ambient crud.


Sleeping dreams show you just how far your mind and imagination are willing to go if you let them.

They’ll show you the nooks and crannies of your everyday observations, strengths, and fears. They’ll turn things upside down and backwards, hoping you’ll look at the world – and yourself – from new angles, through new lenses, and with fresh perspectives.

Sleep dreaming kicks your ego and presumptions out the door so your brain can play with your mind’s arts and crafts table without adult supervision.

It invites your own personal cache of guest speakers, performance artists, set designers, writers, musicians, architects, teachers, rebels, and a slew of others sent from your subconscious to entertain, inform, and beguile you.

Wakeful dreaming is the toughest, because once you start doing it, you understand its power. It’s for real. You really are in charge of your own destiny. Anything you can imagine truly is possible.

If you find this fact to be daunting, intimidating, scary, or uncomfortable, do everything you can to snap out of it. It’s the blessing of your life. It’s your life’s mission to:

  • Dream well
  • Dream often
  • Dream big
  • Dream with passion and purpose
  • Dream with love, compassion, and sincerity…

…And live your dream.

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