Hey, look, Ma – I’m trackbacking!

by Lani and Allen

Trackbacking is one of 10 “inbound link strategies” flagged by Acorn Creative’s Kevin Skarritt as vital to increasing your online visibility and cuddle up with search engines. (Not hip to trackbacking? There’s a tutorial here, and the always helpful Wikipedia has good info on it as well.)

In fact, we’re creating our own trackback on his site with this post, because we not only think his post is the bee’s knees when it comes to getting links, we also think it’s relevant to the “A-Ha!”

All 10 of his strategies require you to create content (however long or short it may need to be), and all of them are ways to “A-Ha Yourself!” – to put your best and boldest ideas out there, and share your passion with the people who need to hear about it.

Wanna learn about the other 9? Head over to the Nuts & Bolts of Brand Blog to check them out!

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