Web 2.0 in 5(ish) minutes – an ADD info summit

by Lani and Allen

Time: 7 minutes and 1 – yes, 1! – second

Featured Expert: Kevin Skarritt, Chief Nut, Acorn Creative

Summary: It’s about to be a mainstream concept, and it’s not just for big businesses anymore. If you’ve been hearing about “Web 2.0″ but you’re not sure you “get it,” here’s a great and simple explanation!

Teaser Quip: “If you talk to 100 technology people and ask them for their definition of what Web 2.0 is, it is an extremely overused phrase, and you’ll probably get 105 answers.”

Idea Path: Big concepts >> web programmers, communications, marketing >> websites emerge to talk about an idea >> Web 1.0 >> idea evolution Web 2.0 >> user-generated content >> YouTube.com >> LinkedIn.com >> Building a structure to house a bigger idea >> user-generated content, NOT author-generated content >> participate in an idea instead of just reading it >> interactivity can be added >> if you could create a forum for your industry that allowed the free banter of ideas and advice between consumers, clients, and consultants, would it do well? >> the idea is pure user generation >> driven by a specific consumer or industry need — a need from the marketplace, not the need of the creator of the site or forum >> a simple framework that houses all the new, reusable, fresh content is entirely created by the general public that is interested in this framework >> literally thousands and thousands of Web 2.0 websites >> check out the possibilities for your own business or industry!

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