Everything you wanted to know about corporate blogging but were afraid to ask

by Lani Voivod | @LaniVoivod

Yeah, blogging’s the big “It” word of the last year or so, but did you know there are university studies about it and its effectiveness for corporations and small businesses?

In one such study (brought to my attention this Andy Wibbel’s blog post), Northeastern University’s Communication Studies department teamed up with Backbone Media to determine “the reasons, conditions and factors that make a blog successful, and to create a list of criteria to help companies assess whether and how they should engage in blogging.”

They interviewed 20 corporate bloggers – a healthy mix of folks from Stonyfield Farm, Adweek, Adobe, and more – and included summaries of the interviews in the study.

Want some tips for best practices? Use this quick checklist:

  • Compelling Content Comes from Unique Experiences
  • Industry Content Provides Great Relevancy for Audiences
  • Sometimes The Most Random Content Generates The Most Interest
  • Put Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing at the Center of Your Blogging Content Strategy

To get the PDF of this success study or read it online, click here! Find out if 2007 becomes the year you and your company breaks out of the mold with a kick-butt biz blog.

Good luck!

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