About Us

Here at Epiphanies, Inc., your success is our pillow talk.

We’re not kidding, and we’re not trying to be cute-sy.

The fact is, we’re inspired and obsessed by the constant evolution and adoption of communication channels and social media platforms, and we talk about this stuff at all hours of the day and night – with our kids, our dog, and our online communities.

We’re also downright enchanted by how the essence of building brands and relationships – online and off – is elevating ideas, changing lives, and transforming the way business is done.

Our clients have a message, mission, vision, product, or service they want to share with their target audience.

We help them leverage their time, talents, resources, and CONTENT.

We help them seize and create profitable, brand-friendly opportunities.

We help them expand their thinking on what’s possible, and move forward with confidence, relevance, and style.

Whether you or your team needs training, consulting, or an experienced and singular outsourcing team for your project, business, or organization, we can either help you directly, or steer you in the right direction.

Either way, we’d be honored to help you achieve your goals, and help you succeed with your ventures.