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The ‘A-Ha!’ Tribe is a social media training, marketing, growth, and mastermind community for forward-thinking professionals. With a Lifetime Membership, you get access to:

  • #1: Monthly Training Webinars on the top communication platforms.
  • #2: Exclusive Expert Interviews featuring inspiring industry game-changers and trailblazers.
  • #3: A Private Facebook Community where you can network, share wins, swap resources, and more.
  • #4: An ever-evolving Video Tutorial Library to help you kick butt in the social media realm.

Today’s Communication Channels and Marketing Tactics: “AARGH!”

Let’s face it – getting your products, services, and biz-boosting ideas “out there” to the people who matter can be time-consuming, confusing, and downright frustrating! Even the most determined entrepreneurs and savvy biz owners wind up feeling overwhelmed and alone, and ultimately, STUCK.

Lani and Allen Voivod, Your Allies in PossibilityIt Doesn’t Have to Be Like That Anymore.

Now you can get the help and resources you need and deserve by saying “YES!” to your vision and ventures and joining the ‘A-Ha!’ Tribe!

Led by Lani and Allen Voivod, your Allies in Possibility at Epiphanies, Inc. and Founders of the award-winning “A-Ha!” Summits, #AhaTribe members discover new and proven tactics for expanding their reach, playing bigger, and boosting their profits and possibilities, once and for all.

Every month throughout 2014 and beyond, a different marketing platform, tactic, or strategy drives the #AhaTribe agenda. Members get access to customized training webinars, expert interviews, and video tutorials designed to accelerate know-how, share top resources, and get RESULTS.

Here’s the 2014 Agenda for the ‘A-Ha!’ Tribe:


Down ‘n Dirty Marketing Planning

Ditch the B.S. – “git ‘er done” once and for all!



Harness the power of the world’s largest social network!

MARCH 2014


Extend your network on the premier B2B platform!

APRIL 2014


Amplify, connect, and join the global conversation!

MAY 2014


Boost your visibility, search engine rankings, and more!

JUNE 2014


Build your Content Kingdom with purpose and clarity!

JULY 2014


Catapult your authority, relevance and SEO rankings!



Tell your story visually, and reap the rewards!


Content Marketing

Create, curate, connect – and get results!



Drive traffic and revenue, and win brand loyalty!



Educate, entertain, and empower your captive audience!


Celebrating the Best of 2014!

Blast off with the year’s top info and insights!


Special Bonuses, Too!

A limited number of Lifetime Memberships are available. As a Founding ‘A-Ha!’ Tribe Member, you also get:

No monthly fees – “Lifetime” Memberships means you only pay once, for the life of the Tribe!
 Special discounts and early access to Epiphanies, Inc. products, services, workshops, and events, plus discounts on other Partner and Member products and services
• Deeply discounted rates for 1-on-1 consulting calls and strategy sessions

“I believe in Epiphanies, Inc. and I believe in Lani Voivod and Allen Voivod. I had been plugging along in the public relations game for quite awhile but had never explored social media before I met the two of you. With your sage counsel and instruction, I was introduced to a world that transformed how state government reaches out to its audience. As a result, our following grew and we were able to get information out in a way that was previously completely foreign to us. It says a lot that when I moved on to Southern New Hampshire University, I have continued to keep Epiphanies on speed dial whenever I have a question or want to brainstorm a new social media idea. Lani and Allen are EXPERTS in this field and the real world instruction you provide transforms communications efforts.”
~Steve Boucher
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
Southern New Hampshire University


“Woo hoo! I’m thrilled to be part of this incredible tribe of people! Thanks Lani and Allen! Here’s to a year of possibilities!”
~Michelle Drolet
National Trainer, Certified Master Trainer
Weight Watchers International


“Thank you, Lani and Allen, for helping me really, truly understand and embrace the incredible power of social media. Now that I finally ‘get it,’ I feel like I’m on FIRE in my work and living my creative destiny. To anyone wondering whether they should take this next step and join the ‘A-Ha!’ Tribe, I say, ‘DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!’ It’ll help you share you gifts, tell your story, and rock your purpose beyond your wildest dreams.”
~Kate Lemay
Senior Program Director, YMCA of Greater Boston
Artist of Conscious Evolution,


“I’m very excited about just being around so many smart, creative, beautiful people.”
~Paul Boynton
CEO, The Moore Center
Author, Begin With Yes


“Have you had the opportunity to meet the Allies in Possibility? Well, maybe you know them as Epiphanies, Inc. And they’re probably one of the most ‘social’ly conscious couple I’ve had the chance to meet. They just … get it. And now they have the opportunity to give ‘it’ to you.”
~Beth San Soucie
HR, Sales, and Marketing Manager
Big Cat Coffees and Perk at Work

Our Guarantee


The ‘A-Ha!’ Tribe is loaded with the best information out there for boosting your visibility, building your audience, and getting tangible business results with your social media and relationship marketing. We want you to be thrilled with what we deliver, so here’s our promise to you. You can get your Lifetime Membership for $497 totally RISK-FREE. If, after ONE FULL YEAR, you don’t feel fully satisfied, or you didn’t get awesome value and better results with your social media and marketing activities after joining the #AhaTribe, simply contact us and we’ll refund your money in full. You have our word on it.


Take Control of Your Growth, Success, and Vision-Fueled Destiny

Join the 'A-Ha!' TribeYour success matters deeply to us. These channels can be time consuming, overwhelming, and just plain confusing, and yet they’re essential in helping you be more, do more, and do better.

This powerful program has the answers you need, and it all takes place online, with no travel required! The monthly webinars, expert interviews, and video tutorials are all archived, so you can watch and listen to them whenever it’s convenient, as many times as you want. It’s designed for your busy life and business, to help you succeed in the ways that are just right for YOU and your audience.

PLUS you get to join a top-notch mastermind community where you can get answers, celebrate wins, ask questions, and expect all kinds of support and excitement along the way.

This and more is the promise and possibility of being part of the #AhaTribe.

All that’s missing is YOU.

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To your success in 2014 and beyond,


Lani & Allen Voivod
Your Allies in Possibility at Epiphanies, Inc.